class 1

Those dog days of summer are turning into sweet school days as students around the world are getting ready to go back to school for fall. In Japan, their summer vacation has already finished and a familiar scene is probably playing out in high schools across the country.

But don’t take our word for it, ding dong ding dong, there goes the bell. Here comes our teacher, Iron Man sensei!

Twitter user @AXLLOWS used a few figures to reenact a scene that commonly takes place at the end of summer in Japan. Students will come back from a “wild” vacation and chat with their classmates who they haven’t seen in a month or so. Some of the more rebellious students, despite all their teachers’ warnings, have dyed their hair, which is strictly against school regulations.

▼ “Gohan, did you change your hair?!”
“Mm, yeah, I guess.”

class 1

▼ “Alright, is everyone in their se…huh?”

class 2

▼ “Gohan, what the heck is this hair?!”

class 3

▼ “This is what happens to those who don’t follow school regulations!!!”

class 4

▼ “A very common scene after the end of summer.”

It’s also apparent that your teacher will always show the most energy when yelling at students about breaking school regulations. Poor Krillin, he didn’t even do anything and yet as per usual, and he got injured too. It just goes to show you, if Iron Man is your teacher, you probably shouldn’t mess with him. And, as always, if your name is Krillin, get out of any situation possible…you are a danger to yourself.

Source: CuRAZY
Images: Twitter/@AXLLOWS