Poison Poison Poison Poison Poison Poison Poison Poison Poison Exhibit now on in Tokyo

I wonder if it’s really about poison though…

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Aichi supermarket caught selling poisonous puffer fish livers, “been selling it for decades”

Health agency puts kibosh on long-running game of culinary Russian Roulette.

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Nagoya man hospitalized after eating fish with name including “fugu,” a.k.a. “poisonous blowfish”

Probably should have set off a few warning bells.

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Diarrhea-inducing mushrooms send three Japanese men to hospital after weekend-ruining barbecue

Sticking to Japanese barbecue mainstays like sausages and yakisoba noodles would’ve been the smarter move.

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Poisonous spider found at venue of Tokyo’s biggest anime convention one week before it kicks off

Toxic alien shows up early, has the power to make victims puke.

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Manager poisons part-time worker in Japan because of “poor work ethic”

Possibly because he felt disciplining an undesirable employee would have been too awkward, one supervisor turned to poison instead.

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In three months, 50 patients have died on one floor of a “haunted” hospital

Successive deaths have lead some to wonder if the fourth floor is cursed.

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Japanese commenters hypothesize the source of a Goomba’s Killer Touch

Is Mario a total wimp, or do Goombas have something hidden up their sleeves? Oh, wait…

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Oddly alluring poison mushroom figures with stomach cramps warn us to be careful of what we eat

We’ve documented plenty of the unusual-but-awesome gachapon figures coming out of Japan over the years, but these “poison mushroom” figures might just be the most unusual yet awesome figures we’ve seen to date! Combining the adorableness of tiny mushroom figures with the stomach-rending agony of eating poisonous mushrooms, these Poison Kinoko Plus figures will be right at home on your desk or hiding in your date’s plate of stir fry.

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Man arrested for year-long terrorism campaign against manga “Kuroko’s Basketball”

On 12 October, 2012 a plastic container was left on the second floor in the gymnasium of Tokyo’s Jochi University (aka Sophia University), one of Japan’s most prestigious schools and alma mater of Tadatoshi Fujimaki the writer of the hit manga series Kuroko’s Basketball (aka The Basketball Which Kuroko Plays).

Inside the container was a liquid capable of releasing poisonous hydrogen sulphide. Attached was a note which read, “I hate Fujimaki.”

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Japanese Man Charged with Poisoning Co-Worker’s Shoe

Imagine the horror of having your toes suddenly start to die and need amputation for seemingly no reason. Then imagine it turned out to be the result of a colleague attempting to kill you.

This bizarre situation has been reality for one unnamed woman in Yamanashi Prefecture for the past four months. A fellow employee, 40-year-old Tatsujiro Fukuzawa, was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder on 28 March.

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