Japanese burger chain Freshness Burger completely ignores tsukimi season in favor of…mushrooms?

Is mushroom season an acceptible substitute for tsukimi season? We find out!

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We make meat-stuffed matsutake mushrooms and learn something important about luxury food

A bargain deal on expensive ingredients makes our reporter think twice about her ideas of cooking. 

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Japanese shiitake mushroom snacks from Don Quijote, created for people who don’t like mushrooms

They don’t call this chain crazy for nothing. 

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Violence IS the answer – Japanese farmers using hammers to grow more mushrooms

Swinging hammers now part of cultivating shiitake.

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Eringi mushrooms can be an unexpected source of otaku loneliness, Twitter learns

”Lousy eringi, making me feel miserable.”

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Crazy shiitake crane game out lets you win mushrooms by winning mushrooms that aren’t mushrooms

A UFO catcher that goes beyond plushies and figures.
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This “shiitake mushroom” is one of the most mind-blowing pieces of Nintendo fan art ever【Video】

It may not be Mario, but you can practically hear the character shout “It’s me!”

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Asakusa luxury – the best matsutake soba we’ve ever had at a price that can’t be beat

Enjoy the taste of autumn without breaking the bank!

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Oh shiitake! How to grow your own with Japan’s super-easy mushroom cultivation kit【Photos】

Home gardening doesn’t get any easier, or much quicker, than this!

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Japanese Twitter explains how to choose quality produce: pick the ones that are the best couple!

The friendlier the group, the tastier the soup.

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Twitter shocked by photo seeming to show rose growing INSIDE tree in Japan (and the gross truth)

No, fairy magic is not the reason for this stunning phenomenon.

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We try “Japan’s best-selling miso soup” and it melts the cold in our bones

A visit to the mushroom kingdom to see if 600,000 fans could possibly be wrong, and also to eat some amazing ramen.

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Diarrhea-inducing mushrooms send three Japanese men to hospital after weekend-ruining barbecue

Sticking to Japanese barbecue mainstays like sausages and yakisoba noodles would’ve been the smarter move.

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Japan’s trendy eringi mushroom pasta recipe: As eye-catching as it is labor-intensive 【Photos】

The recipe calls for meticulously sticking dry noodles into numerous mushroom stalks. Uppercutting the entire dish into the atmosphere out of sheer frustration at the difficulty of that step is, we presume, optional.

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Japanese gamers’ heads explode as they learn Super Mario’s Goombas are mushrooms, not chestnuts

Japan may love Mario, but they have a couple wrong ideas about the series. For example, did you know that in the Japanese versions of Mario, Goombas are called “kuribo,” which translates to “chestnut guy?” For three decades now, it has been widely believed in Japan that the Goombas are, indeed, chestnuts.

Until now. Thanks to the official Nintendo Line Messenger bot, Japanese netizens have learned the shocking truth about Mario’s oldest enemy: they’re not chestnuts, they’re shiitake mushrooms!

Read on and see for yourself the aftermath that shocked Japanese gamers all over the internet.

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Oddly alluring poison mushroom figures with stomach cramps warn us to be careful of what we eat

We’ve documented plenty of the unusual-but-awesome gachapon figures coming out of Japan over the years, but these “poison mushroom” figures might just be the most unusual yet awesome figures we’ve seen to date! Combining the adorableness of tiny mushroom figures with the stomach-rending agony of eating poisonous mushrooms, these Poison Kinoko Plus figures will be right at home on your desk or hiding in your date’s plate of stir fry.

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Beautiful, ferocious karate champion Rika Usami wants you to eat your mushrooms in new commercial

I like to think of myself as having developed a pretty broad palate, what with the fact that I’ll happily choose to eat things such as cod roe, lotus root, and chicken tail. Still, there are a couple of culinary challenges I can’t overcome, and perhaps my greatest dinner plate foes are mushrooms. I mean, I know they’re good for you and all that, but seriously, they’re fungi, right?

Here with a counterpoint is karate word champion Rika Usami, and the ferociously awesome commercial she made in her new role as mushroom spokes-martial artist.

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Smartphone game turns mushrooms into cute anime girls, still gives foreigners wacky accents

There aren’t many foods I hate more than mushrooms. I’ve got issues with both their taste and texture, and, to my eyes, they just look kind of gross, no matter which variety we’re talking about.

But while I don’t think I’ll ever completely come around on the idea of eating fungi, it’s nice to at least have a different visual image for them, thanks to a new smartphone game that’s turned a half-dozen types of mushrooms into cute anime girls.

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They’re not real?! Exploring the detailed, colorful world of Takuto Shibuya’s mushroom bonsai

Have you ever come across a beautifully colored, picture book-worthy mushroom while walking in the woods or the park? I still remember the flashy fungi I happened upon when I was in seventh grade; I was near a mountain biking course in Rhode Island and amid the grass was a cute yellow mushroom with red dots, much like a Mega Mushroom from New Super Mario Bros. I considered picking it but I was pretty sure my fingers would start to rot off upon contact, and it would have shriveled up soon enough anyway. Oh, I wondered, will the days of ornamental mushrooms never come?

Enter Takuto Shibuya, whose life-long love of toadstools compelled him to find a way to marvel at their variegated beauty at home. His book Kinoko (Mushroom) Bonsai, released back in June, includes photos of his work as well as instructions on how to make your own. But wait—this type of bonsai isn’t about replanting your find in a pot. Because mushrooms are difficult to take care of, Shibuya took a hint from the Japanese traditions of bonsai and figurines and decided to preserve their alluring forms by recreating them in clay. Read on to take a closer look at his creations as well as his process!

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Kinoko Girly: the weirdest time-waster you’ll play all day

If you’re struggling with the fact that it’s still only Tuesday and the weekend is but a dot on the horizon, Kinoko Girly (‘Mushroom Girly’), a free mobile game currently generating a lot of buzz here in Japan, might be just the thing to keep you going at least until Hump Day is over.

Featuring illustrations by popular fashion designer Hajime Yoshio, Kinoko Girly is one of the simplest smartphone games you’ll ever play. Asking you, the person in charge of feeding a bevy of frighteningly shaped mushrooms to a woman with a penchant for fungi, to choose which of the two ‘shrooms offered up at any one time is delicious and which is poisonous, it’s simply a case of guesswork for the sake of it, but it’s surprisingly addictive. And altogether weird.

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