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If you are a farmer in Japan, there’s a good chance you’re a rice farmer,  so after harvesting all your crop, you end up with a lot of straw. Most farmers will stack the straw together and either dry it out or roll it up to dispose of it. Sometimes you will see them burning it as well because that straw is good for nothing.

Nothing that is, unless you’ve got an art student handy. Enter Amy Goda, an aspiring artist currently studying art in Niigata Prefecture. She has taken the leftover straw after the harvest and has fashioned some pretty awesome straw sculptures that might make you think the land is alive.

Amy’s current sculpture muse is dinosaurs, as she created two amazing and huge pieces of art. If you happen to be driving in the countryside of Niigata and saw either of these two dinosaurs, you might think some kind of black magic has animated the straw into fearsome beasts.


▼ T-Rex looking mighty ready to eat something

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▼ Triceratops playing it cool

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Her two dinosaurs have gotten a lot of attention, judging by the amount of comments she is getting on Twitter. She let all her straw art fans know that some of her other work was on display earlier this year.


▼ Praying Mantis

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▼ Crab

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▼ Snake

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▼ An adorable duck floating in the water

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For anyone travelling through Niigata Prefecture and would like to see the dinosaurs in person, you can head over to Uwasekigata Park in Niigata City’s Nishikan Ward, where they will remain until the beginning of November.

It’s pretty fantastic to see byproducts being put to such creative uses. If it was RocketNews24 writers and we were forced to make art, you’d be seeing plenty of lazy scarecrows and zero awesome dinosaurs.

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Source: Togech
Top Image: Twitter/@amymauscd