Looking after the environment while looking after your need for the perfect Frappuccino straw.

For years now, Japan has been leading the way with reusable forks and chopsticks, commonly referred to as “My Fork” and “My Hashi” in everyday speak, but compared to other countries, the reusable straw trend has taken a little longer to catch on. 

That’s all changing now, though, as more and more stores are offering a variety of reusable options for sipping up drinks, and one of the best places to make a purchase is Starbucks, where they’re not just thinking of the environment but the functionality and cuteness of the product as well.

Called “My Straw“, this new drinkware item has a stubby shape that can be used with all sorts of beverages, but is particularly suited to drinks with plump ingredients, like Frappuccinos.

▼ While Starbucks is yet to satisfy our cravings for boba, the thick design makes these perfect for bubble teas too.

Available in two colourways–yellow x green and pink x orange–these thick straws have a pop vibe to them, and as the hue changes midway along their lengths, you can play around with which colour you choose to have on display, depending on the shade of your drink.

The reusable straws are made from silicone rubber and come with their own cleaning brush and matching silicone case. Lightweight and flexible, these new straws are easy to store and carry, and at 900 yen (US$8.24) each, you can buy a few to keep in your bag, car glovebox or office desk to ensure you never have to revert to plastic ever again.

▼ The new straws make a nice addition to the reusable mugs and spoons already available at Starbucks in Japan.

Sold at stores around Japan from 17 March, the straws are only available in limited numbers so you’ll want to get in quick before they sell out. And while you’re there, don’t forget to keep an eye out for this cute Starbucks bear plug, which sits inside the hole on the lid of your coffee cup, protecting you from spills and making you smile everywhere you go.

Source, images: Starbucks Japan 
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