Slimes draw near following conclusion of rice field art project.

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Fukuoka town builds enormous Godzilla replica out of… straw?

After hearing about it last week, you bet we went to check out Japan’s gigantic straw Godzilla for ourselves, and it’s way more imposing than we’d anticipated.

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Gigantic straw Godzilla sculpture appears in Japan – establishes itself as King of Straw-nsters 【Pics】

Hay! Godzilla! Aren’t you a little far from home out here in the field?

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These giant straw dinosaurs would probably rip any straw man to shreds

If you are a farmer in Japan, there’s a good chance you’re a rice farmer,  so after harvesting all your crop, you end up with a lot of straw. Most farmers will stack the straw together and either dry it out or roll it up to dispose of it. Sometimes you will see them burning it as well because that straw is good for nothing.

Nothing that is, unless you’ve got an art student handy. Enter Amy Goda, an aspiring artist currently studying art in Niigata Prefecture. She has taken the leftover straw after the harvest and has fashioned some pretty awesome straw sculptures that might make you think the land is alive.

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You’ll never guess what this fan-made Evangelion model is made from!

Small talk is one of the worst concepts of social interaction. Most of the time, neither party has something worthwhile to say, but society requires them to talk to each other because it makes everyone seem like nice, approachable people. Why can’t people just be happy with the sound of silence?

The absolute worst is when you are caught in a situation where you can’t avoid the small talk, like when you are in a taxi or when you are getting your hair cut. You are unfortunately immobile and at the whim of a stranger, because really…how well do you know your barber? Probably not as well as you think, as it turns out a casual bit of small talk revealed this one barber’s unbelievably amazing hobby.

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“Would you like a fork or chopsticks with your drink?”

Convenience stores have gotten a bit of a bad name recently thanks to impetuous freezer divers the world over. But this might be the final…straw.

The above picture (sans pixelization) is blowing up on Twitter, having been retweeted over 4,000 times. But what’s wrong with a little chocolate milk tea??

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