When a stray kitten began following Japanese Twitter user @Kawasaki_Hina around like a little duckling, he decided to take her in and keep her for good. Within a short time, it became obvious the feline had made herself completely at home and had taken up a few of his ‘hooman’ hobbies to boot — including watching anime and playing the guitar.

Warning: Melt-in-your-seat adorable feline photos are coming up right after the jump!

Twitter user @Kawasaki_Hina was fortunate enough to film a short clip of the stray kitten that would become his during their initial encounter on the street, in which she refused to part from his side:

He then shared a photo montage of the timeline directly after taking her home, which shows the little kitty completely relaxed in the newfound comforts of home:

▼ “First picture: Encounter”

animecat (2)

▼ “Second picture: When I brought her home”

animecat (4)

▼ “Third picture: 30 minutes after I brought her home”

animecat (3)

▼ “Fourth picture: One hour after I brought her home”

animecat (5)

@Kawasaki_Hina finished the tweet with this simple comment: “Show a little restraint!”

Finally, the Twitter user shared a montage of photos taken some time after he adopted her, as she began developing a curiosity for some of her owner’s hobbies:

“Vell-chan, who was a stray, has finally come around to showing interest in KanColle, watching anime, licking my character bottles, and playing instruments.”

animecat (1)

How absolutely heartwarming to watch the unfolding story of a man and his cat! We hope they both enjoy many more fun times together at home.

Source/images: Twitter/@Kawasaki_Hina