Japanese netizens fall in love with super long cat, flood Twitter with long cat memes

Twitter’s new favourite cat — cross-breeding gone wrong or optical illusion?

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Clever escape artist kitten is gonna get out of its cage no matter what, and you can’t stop it

This Japanese kitten is the very picture of feline determination.

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Cute kitty completely “mistified” by vapor released from humidifier【Video】

That kitty face is enough to melt anyone’s heart.

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Ultraman pictures prove he protects everyone, humans and furry kitties alike【Photos】

He isn’t just the hero that we need — he’s exactly the hero that we want!

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Kittens sleeping in foot-warming hot carpets are too cute for words 【Pics & Videos】

As the man with the sword told us repeatedly, “Winter is coming.” And while some of us are happy to play in the snow, not everyone is so excited about the chilly weather. Some of us, in fact, would much prefer to stay inside and sleep in the kotatsu.

Or, if you happen to be an adorable kitten, you might prefer to just to hang out inside your human’s foot-warming heated carpet.

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Stray kitten finds loving home, shortly thereafter takes over and becomes immersed in anime

When a stray kitten began following Japanese Twitter user @Kawasaki_Hina around like a little duckling, he decided to take her in and keep her for good. Within a short time, it became obvious the feline had made herself completely at home and had taken up a few of his ‘hooman’ hobbies to boot — including watching anime and playing the guitar.

Warning: Melt-in-your-seat adorable feline photos are coming up right after the jump!

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Feeling stressed? These videos of stubby Munchkin kittens at play will hug your soul

Have you heard of “gogatsu-byou“? Also known as “May Sickness” this is a Japanese term used to describe the particular malaise that descends upon many people in May, after the excitement of the new school year and hiring period in April.

But what better way to combat a case of the blues than with adorable kitten videos? If you’re feeling low, we reckon these capering Munchkin kittens will cure what ails you!

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Here are some photos of the cutest kitten ever to help you get to the weekend

Been having a rough week? Need a little pick-me-up to get you through to the weekend? How about some cute kitten pictures? And not pictures of just any little kitten. No no; this one is quite possibly the world’s most adorable kitten ever, sure to pull your heartstrings with its world’s-most-adorable kitten paws.

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Twitter user weighs growing kitten over a series of weeks, documents with insanely cute photos

At the risk of becoming an online shrine to all things feline following our reporting of everything from cat sushi, Attack on Titan: cat edition and multiple posts about Japan’s own feline star, Maru, when we discovered this series of 12 photos showing the growth of a kitten as it goes from barely being able to see over the edge of the scales to struggling to fit in, we couldn’t help but share.

Strap yourselves in for some serious cute, boys and girls.

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Blind kitten who regained her sight through loving care is thriving one year on

One day, one ordinary person and his family found it in their hearts to take in a tiny, abandoned kitten who had lost her sight due to a bad case of conjunctivitis. They already had two dogs under their roof, which would make it difficult to keep a cat. Nevertheless, the father devoted himself to her care as she hovered between life and death, praying for the kitten’s full recovery. He didn’t intend to give the kitten a name at first, as he was worried about becoming too attached, and just called her “cat” (neko in Japanese) but somehow everyone started calling her Niko, which means something like “happy smile”.

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