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The vibrant Grand Theft Auto mod scene is what keeps the game alive long after people have completed the campaign, making sure gameplay never grows stale and providing plenty of laughs for both the players involved and the viewers of the resulting videos. There are already hundreds of mods available for the latest entry in the franchise, Grand Theft Auto V, and a few creative Nintendo-based ones have been combined to create this surreal video of Nintendo’s Super Mario behaving badly in Los Santos.

This isn’t the Mario that Nintendo wants you to see.

This Mario is on a rampage, knocking down innocent pedestrians and getting into shootouts with the poh-lice. The YouTube video, created with the Rockstar Editor and a couple of mods from talented creators, shows the cheerful plumber on what is clearly a bad day for him as he races around the Los Santos streets in a gritty parody of Mario Kart, throwing exploding missiles at the cops and outrunning the choppers they send after him.

There’s something about seeing innocent characters beloved by children worldwide turned into hardened gangsters, like in this awesome GTA-themed Doraemon fanart, that’s both disturbing and oddly compelling. You’ll never be able to look at the mustachioed man the same way again.

▼ Mario takes out an innocent beachgoer.

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▼ The police are soon onto him and send out the chopper, but Mario’s moves in a kart have nothing on them.

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▼ Throwing explosives at the cops does more than just knock them out of their lane.

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▼ This Mario means business.

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▼ Mario carnage!

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You can download the character masks here and the kart mod here to come up with your own Mario mayhem.

Source: YouTube/TheGuitarjammer h/t VG247
Screenshots: YouTube/TheGuitarjammer