Grand Theft Auto

Three-year-old Japanese girl loves Grand Theft Auto, dad says it’s a great game for kids

Don’t hate the game just because of what most players do.

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Japanese YouTuber fights on the streets of Shibuya in new real-life video game episode【Video】

Second instalment includes a boss fight and a stop at Matsuya to fuel up on gyudon beef bowls.

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Japanese YouTuber perfects gameplay moves outside Shibuya Station【Video】

Viral clip makes you feel as if you’re controlling an RPG character.

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Defector: Gaming culture is alive and well in North Korea, popular titles include GTA V and FIFA

Fourteen-year-old who fled North Korea says all his friends have played western games.

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“Super Real Mario Odyssey” video ponders what trouble Mario may get into in upcoming Switch title

Mario can handle goombas and koopas, but what about cops and gangsters in the “real” world?

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Mario mod goes on violent rampage in Grand Theft Auto V【Video】

The vibrant Grand Theft Auto mod scene is what keeps the game alive long after people have completed the campaign, making sure gameplay never grows stale and providing plenty of laughs for both the players involved and the viewers of the resulting videos. There are already hundreds of mods available for the latest entry in the franchise, Grand Theft Auto V, and a few creative Nintendo-based ones have been combined to create this surreal video of Nintendo’s Super Mario behaving badly in Los Santos.

This isn’t the Mario that Nintendo wants you to see.

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Fans are raving over this amazing Doraemon x Grand Theft Auto V crossover【Pics】

Many of Japan’s classic anime series have managed to engage young viewers from one generation to the next. Perhaps one of the most famous examples is Doraemon, which keeps gaining more viewers the longer it runs. Since its hit television adaptation in 1979, the series has slowly taken the world by storm, finally reaching English-speaking audiences last summer after a partnership with Disney.

That said, in over 30 years few changes have been made to the original series, with its characters never having to grow up like the rest of us. As viewers got older, many of them started wondering what kind of teenagers and adults the original cast would have become. Some of the franchise’s movies, along with a commercial series by Toyota featuring Jean Reno as Doraemon, have set out to answer a few of these questions, but what about fans who didn’t imagine a future quite so bright? It seems the only answer would require illustrating it on your own, which is exactly what one artist did when he decided to reinvent the main cast as characters from video game smash Grand Theft Auto.

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Man arrested after forcing his 9-year-old stepson to play violent video games

Police in Kyoto have arrested a 28-year-old man on suspicion of coercion after it was claimed that he had repeatedly forced his nine-year-old stepson to play violent and age-inappropriate video games such as Grand Theft Auto IV and fighting game Tekken Tag Tournament 2 over the course of six months whenever his mother was absent.

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