As a leading purveyor of fatty fast food, McDonald’s is certain to have its share of detractors. It seems every time we run a story about the golden arches, commenters are all too quick to point out how the fast food restaurant’s offerings tend to be on the less healthy side (to put it diplomatically).

But even among McDonald’s more ardent opponents are those who would admit that its fried apple pies were pretty darn good. It’s perhaps that crowd that a beleaguered McDonald’s Japan is trying to appeal to with their new anko bean paste pies.

A familiar taste in Japan, these crispy pocket-sized pie crusts will be stuffed with that sweet azuki bean paste known as anko. Anko has a creamy yet natural taste with a mellow sweetness that is firmly present without being overbearing.

These piping hot Anko Pies are hoped to fit right in the rest of the McDonald’s Japan autumn menu including Tsukimi Burgers and Sweet Potato Shakes. Also just like the shakes, these pies will be added to the 100 yen (US$0.83) menu.

Anko Pies won’t be released until 15 September, so we’ll have to wait a few more days to see if McDonald’s can pull it off. But if they can do with anko what they did with apple back in the day, these should definitely be worth checking out. Even those of you who think McDonald’s is the Great Satan of our times for poisoning our minds and bodies with glutamates might want to lift your embargoes just this once.

Source: McDonald’s via (Japanese)
Images: McDonald’s