Fall in Japan is a very special time of year. The leaves go from green to a plethora of gorgeous colors, the hellish summer heat and constant cacophony of cicadas finally relent, and the legendary McDonald’s Tsukimi Burger becomes available to stuff into your eager face by the sack full. This year, fall is even more special, as McDonald’s is expanding the Tsukimi Burger lineup to four different delicious sandwiches. Be still, my tightening arteries!

The Tsukimi Burger, sometimes called the moon-viewing burger by silly people, celebrates fall and draws its name from traditional Japanese harvest moon festivals. The burger’s major gimmick is a big fried egg, with the round, yellow yolk reminiscent of a bright, full autumn moon. The whole shebang is then topped with a special sauce – which is really just ketchup mixed with glorious, fatty Japanese mayonnaise.

Joining the Tsukimi Burger from September 6 this year are the Big Tsukimi Burger, the Cheese Tsukimi Burger, and the Chicken Cheese Tsukimi burger.

We predict the Chicken Cheese Tsukimi Burger will quickly become the crowd favorite, because the already incredibly delicious Chicken Filet Burger can only be made even better with the addition of a fried egg and special sauce, and because all three of the other versions look almost identical.

The burgers will range in price from 310 yen (US$3) to about 410 yen and, like the elusive but totally gross McRib, are only available for a limited time; in this case a little under a month.

Source: NariNari