Proof that McDonald’s pies are totally different in Japan. 

The season for “melting hot pies“, a McDonald’s Japan winter staple, is now upon us, and this time there are two to choose from: the Belgian Chocolate Pie, which is now in its fourth year, and the Butterscotch Pie, a brand new menu item that’s so unknown to locals it even comes with a question mark.

The only problem with buying these pies as takeout is the fact that it’s so cold outside you may need to heat them up when you get home, and for that we have a hack from Omiya, a famous Tokyo store that specialises in apple pies.

▼ McDonald’s pies are famous for being piping hot, but they were cold in the 20 minutes it took for us to get them home.

Omiya’s recommended method for reheating involves warming the pie up in the microwave for about 30 seconds and then toasting it in the oven toaster for about two to three minutes. This is all you need to get as close as possible to a freshly baked, flaky pie, and when we tried this method, the crispy texture was totally revived.

▼ Time to get tasting!

The Butterscotch Pie was up first, and the moment we bit into it, the flavours of caramel and butter pierced our nostrils. The gentle sweetness of the rich caramel and the saltiness of the creamy butter was an exquisite combination, with each component taking turns to dominate the palate, creating a happy dance between flavours.

The Belgian Chocolate Pie has been renewed for this year’s release, containing more Belgian chocolate than before, and we could instantly sense a richer, smoother texture and a more pronounced bitter sweetness that was highly addictive.

The dark chocolate cream overflowed with every bite, and we found ourselves slurping up the gooey mix to stop it from spilling. The smooth and rich chocolate centre was made even more delicious with the contrasting crunch of the flaky pie casing.

With such creamy fillings, it can be hard to eat these straight from the pack, so we have another pie-eating hack for you.

Simply wrap the pie in the serviette that comes with takeout orders, folding it using the three-step process below. Though the wrapping makes it feel a bit like you’re eating a burger, it gives you a good grasp on the pie, preventing the crumbs from spilling out all over the place, as they tend to do when eating it from the pack.

Both pies were absolutely delicious, and in the end we couldn’t pick a winner out of the two. If you’re in the mood for a rich and decadent indulgence, the Belgian Chocolate Pie will make your toes curl in delight, but if you’re looking for a lighter snack, the Butterscotch Pie will fit the bill.

Either way, you definitely won’t be disappointed with whichever pie you choose, especially if you follow the pie-eating hacks we’ve included above. And if you’re hungry, you can always beef things up by adding one of the chain’s Godzilla burgers to your order!

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