This dessert has been a long time coming.

Earlier this week, McDonald’s Japan surprised the English-language speaking world when they announced they would be releasing the Otona no Cream Pie, which translates to “Adult Cream Pie” in English.

The dessert hasn’t really raised any eyebrows in Japan, as the word “adaruto” is used when referring to the adult entertainment industry and “otona” is often used to describe confectionery with less sweetness aimed at more refined adult palates. However, the difference in nuance has been lost in translation now that the word has been combined with “cream pie”, which evokes some X-rated imagery for English speakers.

Whether the double meaning was innocent or intentional, it’s a stroke of marketing genius that has a lot of people interested in the new product. So when the dessert went on sale today, we were one of the first in line to find out what an Adult Cream Pie tastes like.

We have to admit, it sounded odd when we asked for two flavours of “Otona no Cream Pie” at the counter, but staff were all smiles as they packed them up in a McDonald’s-branded brown paper bag for us.

▼ The cream pie comes in Belgian Chocola (left) and Sweet Fromage (right).

We opened up the Sweet Fromage first, which, from the outside, looked just like an ordinary McDonald’s apple pie, albeit in a new, swirl-adorned package.

Inside, though, it was a whole other story. The cream was thick, and there was a lot of it too.

We dipped a finger into it for a taste, and the flavour of the luscious cream melted on the tongue, tasting both tart and sweet at the same time.

We were expecting it to taste like cheese, but instead, we were surprised to discover it tasted exactly like cheesecake. And this was no ordinary cheesecake flavour either, as it had a distinctly refined, high-quality taste. 

That’s when we understood the concept of “otona” in the sense of a grown-up, decadent indulgence. The subdued sweetness allowed the tartness of the cream to shine through, which made it taste like an expensive dessert from a fancy patisserie, wrapped up in McDonald’s pie pastry.

The Belgian Chocola was calling to us next, and when we took it out of its box, we could see it was covered in a chocolate pastry.

The pastry looked absolutely delicious, with its bubbly coating and glossy sheen just begging to be cracked open for a taste.

This cream pie was thick and gooey, with a dark centre that made it look like it would be way too rich and creamy for us to handle.

Surprisingly, though, we had no problem devouring the whole thing, and that was because of the otona element. While it was filled with rich Belgian chocolate, the reduced sweetness made it easy to eat, giving it a lightness that made it seem more like a silky mousse than a heavy cream.

▼ Combined with the crispy fried pastry, the pie tasted similar to a fancy chocolate doughnut.

While we were surprised by the name of the desserts at first, we ended up being surprised by their taste as well. These were definitely designed for adult palates, with each mouthful containing elements of luxury, decadence, and refinement that has them sitting well above the standard McDonald’s apple pie.

Priced at 150 yen (US$1.37) each, these pies are great value for money and well worth trying if you get the chance. They’ll only be available for a limited time, though, much like the incidental blowjob cup McDonald’s released last year.

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