This isn’t just any sweet potato pie — it’s My Sweet Potato Pie!

In recent years, Burger King has been making a mark in Japan with a series of hot dessert pies, known as the “Watakushi no” series. “Watakushi no ” is a polite way of saying “My”, giving these pies a classy air that matches the esteemed quality of the ingredients used in the fillings.

Now, as summer turns to autumn in Japan, there’s a new pie on the menu for a limited time, and this time it’s called the Watakushi no Sweet Imo Pie, or My Sweet Potato Pie.

Sweet potatoes are synonymous with autumn in Japan, and commonly used as an ingredient in seasonal sweets. There are a wide range of varieties available, though, and Burger King has chosen to use Naruto Kintoki, a famous sweet potato variety from Tokushima Prefecture, as the star ingredient.

This particular variety is said to have an elegant sweetness and light, fluffy texture that pairs perfectly with the crispy crust of the pie. As a surprise twist, there are a couple of “secret ingredients” in the mix, one being the addition of cardamom, which “adds an exotic aroma to the dish”. Blended into the pie crust is coffee, which brings a slightly bitter taste to the proceedings, contrasting with the sweetness to create an elegant flavour that’ll appeal to adult palates.

As is often the case with the Watakushi no Pie releases, this new variety will be on the menu at a discounted price of 220 yen (US$1.51) for the first week of 1-7 September. After that, the price will jump to 240 yen for the remainder of the sales period, which will run for a limited but unspecified time.

It’s a good incentive to encourage first-timers to waste no time in trying the Watakushi no Pie, but we’ll need no convincing when it goes on sale on the first day of September. Compared to the chain’s mammoth One Pounder burgers, these pies look like they’ll be incredibly easy to eat!

Source, images: PR Times
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