Kyoto has some exquisite Japanese-style frozen snacks based on the legendary Azuki Bar

Both luxurious and wholesome, these Azuki Bars are not to be missed.

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Frozen azuki snacks last miraculously long in blackout stricken Hokkaido

Azuki Ice adds to legendary status in Japan once again by defiantly providing delicious treats in times of need.

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Japan’s French fry sundaes are here, but which one should you try? We find out【Taste test】

”What’s the best flavor for a French fry sundae?” is a question we never had to answer…until now!

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Japan now has French fry ice cream sundaes thanks to fast food chain First Kitchen

Oft-forgotten burger joint now has our full attention with its decadent Western and Japanese-style combinations of fried food and ice cream.

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Ramen with sweet red beans and whipped cream is ready to satisfy your sweet/crazy tooth

Dinner and dessert, all rolled into one!

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Häagen-Dazs’ new azuki matcha ice cream sandwich: tastes great, so messy it can resemble roadkill

Perfect for people who love sweets and carry napkins.

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New Japanese-style Häagen-Dazs brings us chestnut and azuki red bean ice cream this fall

Zeitaku is one of those lovely Japanese words that sounds as elegant as its meaning. As the word for luxury, it conjures up images of high-class ryokan accommodations with private outdoor rotenburo baths, multi-course kaiseki meals served by elegant ladies dressed in kimonos and extravagant purchases at department stores on the Ginza shopping strip.

While most of those luxuries are, sadly, out of reach for many of us, there’s one affordable item that comes to mind when Japanese people are looking for a bit of zeitaku when a friend decides to visit or as a treat after a long day. That small symbol of luxury is the rich, creamy ice cream of Häagen-Dazs, and now they’re releasing an amazing new chestnut and azuki red bean Japonais flavour to add a bit of class to the upcoming fall season.

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McDonald’s Japan to sell Anko Pies this autumn

As a leading purveyor of fatty fast food, McDonald’s is certain to have its share of detractors. It seems every time we run a story about the golden arches, commenters are all too quick to point out how the fast food restaurant’s offerings tend to be on the less healthy side (to put it diplomatically).

But even among McDonald’s more ardent opponents are those who would admit that its fried apple pies were pretty darn good. It’s perhaps that crowd that a beleaguered McDonald’s Japan is trying to appeal to with their new anko bean paste pies.

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Another Japan-meets-ice cream creation from Häagen-Dazs — this time it’s strawberries and azuki!

Yes, we love our Häagen-Dazs here at RocketNews24, but you really can’t blame us when they keep throwing creative and tantalizing flavors at us, can you? Like this newest installation in their Japonais line of cup ice cream — in a strawberry and azuki (red bean) flavor!

That’s right, another delightful frozen creation with a Japanese twist is coming out from the masters of ice cream. And we really can’t see any reason why we wouldn’t find the new flavor thoroughly delightful!

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Häagen-Dazs Japan announces azuki bean ice cream, net users go wild

Ice cream is one of those foods that is so delicious, people tend to eat it year round regardless of the plunging temperatures around them. So for the past 15 years, Häagen-Dazs has been releasing special fall/winter flavors in Japan, such as the extremely popular rum raisin. But this year, the beloved ice cream maker has an azuki bean-flavored variety coming out in early October, and Japanese netizens are already clearing out space in their freezer to stock up.

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7-Eleven Japan gets old school with green tea and azuki bean ice bars

We’re half way through September and autumn should be right around the corner, though you wouldn’t know it from the never-ending heat. But 7-Eleven has our backs with a new, unique ice bar just in time to (hopefully) ring out this sweaty, sweaty summer.

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