Devoted readers will remember that we spoke with Japan’s first full-time foreign stuntman Chuck Johnson earlier this summer, visiting his stunt class and learning about the industry in Japan. At the time, we mentioned that Chuck was working a short film called Fists of Absinthe, which ended up being a collaboration between YouTube and Toei Studios.

We are happy to say that Fists of Absinthe is now available on YouTube for your viewing pleasure! We just sat down and watched it, and it was equal parts comedy and action—definitely a must-see for anyone who likes martial arts, samurai, ninja, or laughing their butts off. Check it out below!

11826061_1634176733533512_2864826321132400069_nFacebook (Quiet Flame Productions)

With shoes from Adidas and support from both YouTube and Toei Studios, there was never really any question about whether or not Fists of Absinthe would be any good. Featuring a sort of homage to samurai films while adding a strong modern feel (reminding us of Samurai Fiction), the short is beautifully filmed and full of deft action.

But we have to admit that what really surprised us was its humor! We hate to ruin any of the jokes, but chances are Frank, the lead character played by Chuck, will be immediately recognizable as that friend who’s just a bit too obsessed with samurai movies. Don’t worry, though, Frank; for all our eye-rolling, we still love you!

▼ What are you waiting for? Watch it now!

Even though Fists of Absinthe is finished, Chuck’s not slowing down; he’s signed up to be the Japan-based line producer for Black Salt, a Hollywood production based on a comic about a Shaolin-trained counter terrorism agent. Chuck will also be playing one of the villains in the film, which looks like it will be straight-up action with a heaping helping of yakuza in addition to the Shaolin monks.

▼ It’s kind of hard to explain. You’ll just have to watch the trailer.

You can learn more about Black Salt on their Facebook page and website. Also, be sure to follow Chuck on YouTube to keep up with all his projects.

Source/images: YouTube (Chuck Johnson)