Vacuum 2

People in Japan are crying with laughter over the short musical video clip, saying they can’t stop playing it over and over again.

It might be the muggy weather or the persistent rain that’s causing it, but it appears that Twitter users in Japan have gone stir crazy over a simple video clip that contains no faces or words or images of cute animals. The only stars of the 13-second show are a humble vacuum cleaner and a standard, run-of-the-mill harmonica, yet it’s the sweet music they make when they meet that has the internet in stitches, with the clip receiving more than 100,000 likes and retweets in a short space of 24 hours.

Twitter user @CelloMetalgirl, who uploaded the clip and captioned the tweet with “I laughed to death”, explains that the unlikely music partners were discovered by accident, when her father was vacuuming and suddenly took the whole house by surprise with an unusual noise that sounded like a singing bird. Once they found out what had happened and managed to compose themselves after a fit of tear-inducing laughter, they re-enacted the incident on film to share with the rest of the world on Twitter.

Vacuum 3

The video has struck a chord with net users in Japan, with comments like:

“I burst out laughing on the train while watching this.”
“I’m worn out from laughing!”
“This is so addictive – I’ve watched it on repeat about 20 times!”
“I thought it would make a horrible sound but I can’t stop smiling because it’s such a pretty chord”
“I thought I was listening to the Windows 95 startup sound”

Other users too, commented on the familiar note from Win95, with one posting a clip from YouTube showing the similarity to the noise heard when actually shutting down the program.

▼ The sound can be heard from around the 2:03 mark.

With so much interest in the simple yet captivating clip, Japanese net users are talking about trying the trick out for themselves, using different sized harmonicas and vacuum cleaner brands to create a complex symphony of sounds. We can’t wait to see what this leads to in the future!

Source: Hamusoku
Top Image: Twitter/@CelloMetalgirl (edited by RocketNews24)