Now that Super Mario Maker has finally hit the market, gamers the world over are starting to build, upload, and play their best creations, but of course, it wasn’t long before veterans of the game started seeing just how crazy they could get. Earlier this week, while most of us in Japan were enjoying the Silver Week holidays, one expert gamer created the most cracked out course we’ve seen yet, which quickly went viral after it was posted to YouTube.

This extremely difficult Mario level was designed by user PangaeaPanga, and took him five hours to build before it was ready for a test run. Let’s just say that it’s probably a good thing that the creator spent so much time with the level before tackling it themselves…

Talk about crazy! But considering that Panga is a master Mario hacker and TASer (tool assisted speed runner), for him this is just all in good day’s work. He’s even beaten Super Mario World blindfolded.

Unfortunately his Super Mario Maker run on YouTube cuts off just before Mario clears the level, but those curious can view his epic win in full here.

Though the video makes it look as if Panga raced to a flawless finish on his second try, he admits in the video description that it actually took him nine hours to complete. That’s a lot of lives to go through! Hopefully this ninja 1-up hack still works. It looks like anyone giving this level a go is going to need to stock up.

Needless to say, we’re impressed by Panga’s mad skills and we’re not alone. Here’s what Japanese netizens are saying:

“All I can say is wow.”
“This is a little excessive.”
“Is he right in the head?”
“All I can say is that this guy is a genius.”
“Even if I spent my whole life trying to clear this, I doubt I could.”
“Is this even possible?”
“It would have been even better had he not died the first time around.”
“It’s cool to watch, but there’s no way I’d try this on my own.”
“The place where you have to kick the Buzzy Beetles is impossible.”


The only question is, will this insane level be popular with other gamers or will it have them throwing their controllers on the floor in frustration? In a previous statement, Nintendo announced that unpopular levels will be deleted from the server. We’d certainly hate to see all of his efforts go to waste, so if you’re game, why not give it a shot? The course ID is: 6059-0000-005E-4FB5. Good luck!

Source: YouTube/@PangaeaPanga (1, 2) via Kinisoku
Top/feature image: YouTube/@PangaeaPanga
Insert image: YouTube/@PangaeaPanga