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So we all know that Super Mario Maker for the Wii U is awesome. With everything from music levels to ridiculously hard challenges to millions and millions of other courses in between, you can never run out of things to do.

However with so many levels out there, plenty of them are far from perfect, and some of them outright troll the player. So in an effort to try to educate the gaming populace in the art of not making horrible levels, Nintendo Japan has released some helpful comics to help us all become better builders.

Ready to be educated in the way of making Mario by a pigeon? Then read on!

As anyone who has played the 100 Mario Challenge knows, Super Mario Maker may boast millions of levels, but only a fraction of them are worth playing. Thankfully Nintendo of Japan has taken notice and started putting out a regular comic to help players become better at building levels that don’t make people want to throw their Wii U controller out the window.

The characters in the comic include Mashiko, a woman who is good at playing Mario but not so great at making levels. She’s assisted by the helpful pigeon Yamamura. Let’s see what they have to say:

▼ Mashiko: “I made a level! Yamamura-san, can you take a look at it?”
Yamamura: “Ooh, okay. Let me try it out.”

mario maker 01

▼ Here’s the video of Mashiko’s level, so you can see for yourself what Yamamura-san played:

▼ Yamamura-san…are you okay?

mario maker 02

▼ Did you, uh…did you like the level?

mario maker 03

▼ “What the heck was that?!”

mario maker 04

▼ Mashiko: “What? Is my level bad?”
Yamamura: “Yes. I don’t want to play it again! All I felt while playing it was my sense of duty to tell you how bad it was.”

mario maker 05

▼ Mashiko: “Well, give it to me straight. What was bad about it?”
Yamamura: “First, there were some horrible surprise attacks. The Thwomp that came down from so high up you couldn’t see it, the lava bubbles that come out of nowhere… these are all not good.”

mario maker 06

▼ Mashiko: “But why? Isn’t it fun to get some surprises?”
Yamamura: “Maybe for the person making it yes, but not for the person playing it. It’s fun to dodge surprise attacks that you have time to prepare for, but things coming out of nowhere is not fun at all.”

mario maker 07

▼ Mashiko: “I suppose you’re right.”
Yamamura: “Also you have too many enemies. There’s so many different ones in a single area that the player has no idea what’s going on, and spends the whole time worrying about dodging them. It’s more fun to have places where the player can relax sprinkled in.”

mario maker 08

▼ Mashiko: “I see! Now I understand. I want to get better at making courses! Can you tell me what to do?”
Yamamura: “I’ll tell you what. You give me some delicious edamame (soy beans), and I’ll give you some homework to help make more understandable and enjoyable courses.”

mario maker 09

▼ Mashiko’s homework: Make a course using only these twelve items. No more trolling with Thwomps, Magikoopas, and multiple Bowsers.

mario maker 10

Restriction breeds creativity, so hopefully Mashiko will be able to create something halfway decent by the next comic.

Until then, what about you? Are you more of a Mashiko or a Yamamura-san when it comes to making Mario levels? Feel free to let us know by sharing the codes for your levels the comments, and we’ll let you know what we think. Just remember though: friends don’t let friends post levels with hidden blocks placed over holes. That’s just mean.

Source: Nintendo News via My Game News Flash
Images: Nintendo News