Here at RocketNews24 we like to think of ourselves as experts in taste and style (hey, stop laughing!). We like to add little personal touches to our cutlery drawers and drinks cabinets (gotta love those panty glasses!). So you can imagine how excited we were when we found out about these little hamsters you can clip onto the edge of your glass or mug to up the cuteness factor of everything you drink by 150%.

Part of the PUTITTO Hamster series, these little cup-clinging critters cost 300 yen (US$2.50) each, and there are 8 of them to collect. They’re created by Kitan Club, the same company behind the hugely popular cup-sitting Fuchiko capsule machine toys.

Let’s check out the whole range!

▼ This little hammy is taking a dive…

▼ This little hammy is assessing the drinks situation. Refill!

▼ This little hammy brought his own lunch (it’s an apple slice!)

▼ This little hammy’s thinking about taking a dip in your drink.

▼ This little hammy has a thirst, and your drink is gonna slake it!

▼ This little hammy wonders how much longer you’re going to keep him hanging…

▼ And this little hammy brought you a little snack to go with your drink. Now that’s service!

These critters are cute and all, but we can imagine them sliding about the rim of the glass and getting in the way of our chugging (er, we meant sophisticated sipping…).

Source and images: Kitan