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Last summer, merchandiser Bandai released a line of Sailor Moon compacts modeled after the lunar heroine’s transformation items. Happy as fans were, there were two little drawbacks. First, the items were sold through randomly dispensing gachapon toy vending machines, meaning there was no way to be sure which one you’d get. Second, the compacts were literally compact, with tiny mirrors that weren’t the most practical.

The newest piece of Sailor Moon merchandise from the company’s upmarket Premium Bandai brand addresses both of those issues, though, in the form of this full-size replica of the Crisis Moon Compact, with a large mirror and compartment to hold your accessories in.

Officially dubbed the Moonlight Memory Crisis Moon Compact Mirror Case, the item is styled after the transformation item used by Sailor Moon during the Sailor Moon Super S portion of the original 1990s anime. The mix of metallic plating and translucent pink segments make for a colorfully eye-catching design.

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Flip open the lid of the palm-sized compact and you’ll find a mirror, along with a decorative crystal.

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That holographic ribbon-detailed base can be folded up as well, revealing a two-sectioned compartment in which to hold an assortment of accessories, Sailor Moon-themed or otherwise.

▼ “Moon crisis, make up!”, the incantation Sailor Moon shouts to start her transformation, is engraved on the inner surface of the second lid, although it’s hard to make out in Bandai’s promotional images.

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The Moonlight Memory Crisis Moon Compact Mirror Case can be ordered here through the Premium Bandai website for 4,990 yen (US$42), with shipment scheduled for January.

Source: Premium Bandai
Images: Premium Bandai (edited by RocketNews24)