Japanese Shiba Inu stops baby’s cries like a doting parent, melts hearts for being a good dog

Doge shows off a special technique for instantly calming a crying baby. 

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Adorable Shiba Inu is famous on Japanese Twitter for refusing to move when she’s having fun【Pics】

We can relate, Doge. We can relate. 

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It’s official: You can’t be angry at Doge【Video】

Not when he has the cutest face, and eyes that have seen an eternity of sorrow.

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Dog sleeps in odd position, becomes a meme flying through a variety of dream worlds

Where do you think this open-armed doge has gone to in his dreams?

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New “Doge Bage” lets you show off your love of memes in style【Pics】

Such fashion. So bag. Much buy.

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Shiba Inu that really didn’t want to go for a walk becomes adorable embroidered brooch

This is surely only the beginning. We must immortalize the defiant dog’s face in every product we can possibly imagine.

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Roomba Doge is here to make your week so much better 【Video】

Move over, Roomba Shark Cat, and make way for Roomba Doge! In his own words: “So ride. Much excite.”

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Brighten your day with these 12 adorable photos of Shiba Inu being unintentionally cute 【Pics】

Shiba Inu are a breed of dog popular not just in their native country of Japan, but all over the world. Perhaps it’s due to the fame of the internet’s favourite doggie, Doge, or perhaps it’s just because they’re so darn smiley and adorable, but people just can’t get enough of them.

One Japanese site picked out their favourite photos of Shiba Inu living overseas, so join us after the break for a huge dose of Shibe cuteness.

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Wondering what to dress as this coming Halloween? We’ve got the answer! So mask. Much doge. Wow.

When a Japanese blogger posted a photo of her dog, she had no idea the height of internet fame she would reach. Kabosu, the Shiba Inu, would soon become known as Doge, and would leave her mark on internet meme-dom forever.

Doge has been wowed by many things, but perhaps the most wow-ing thing has just come to pass – you can now order Doge as your very own mask!

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