Thanks to the world of smartphones, we’re now able to connect to ourselves on a physical level in a way we never could before. Fitness apps and wearable devices like the Fitbit wristband allow us to monitor everything from the number of steps we take to our walking speed and heart rate.

While activity trackers usually take physical data from our wrists, Japanese eyewear brand JINS is taking a very different approach by monitoring not only our physical but also our mental state, with the new JINS MEME glasses. Using a number of built-in sensors to gather data from the eyes and body, now you can monitor everything from posture to alertness levels and find out how your body and mind “age” alters throughout the day.

The glasses, which will be available at JINS stores nationwide from November 5, come in two different designs: JINS MEME MT and JINS MEME ES. The MT (“Motion Tracking”) model retails for 20,520 yen (US$173.13). Designed to be worn every day, these half-rimmed sunglasses contain accelerometer and gyroscope sensors, making them ideal for sporting activities.



The ES (“Eye Sensing”) model retails for 42,120 yen ($355.27) and features three types of built-in sensors: the accelerometer and gyroscope sensors plus special three-point electrooculography sensors created by JINS, which are designed to detect changes in mind and body.



Six-axis sensors built into the arm of the frames are designed to detect head movements which provide information about the body’s axis. By checking this data, the idea is that you can identify whether your centre of balance is well aligned, reducing the chance of sporting injuries and increasing the effectiveness of your physical activities.


When used in conjunction with the JINS MEME RUN app, you can focus on your core with a run training program. By correcting core stability during training, you can maintain a proper running form and tire less easily, boosting your running performance.

The Eye Sensing model incorporates the same axis sensors and adds three-point electrooculography sensors in the nose pads, which monitors eye movements to reveal concentration levels and various states of mind at different times throughout the day.


To find out more about how the glasses work, check out the short clip below.

The JINS MEME app uses the data obtained from your movements to create a “body age” (white) and a “mind age” (black), which is measured by your level of physical and mental activities. Poor posture and concentration levels will result in you being given a higher “age”.


The JINS MEME DRIVE app monitors blinks and changes in eye movement to determine how fatigued you are when driving. When it detects that you’re becoming drowsy, an alarm will be activated on your phone to alert you.


JINS developers identified the face as an area that acts as an interface between the inside and outside of the body, as the head commands all five senses, and much of that information is perceived through the eyes. Developers believe that subliminal thoughts about desire and physical cues to indicate lying may also be picked up by the technology used in these glasses so who knows, maybe one day we can use this information to transform into better versions of ourselves!


To find out more about the development of the “eyewear that lets you see yourself” and its possibilities for the future, check out the short clip below.

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