A sight for sore Sableyes! Pokémon teams up with eyewear brand JINS for more monsteriffic designs

With 24 designs to pick from, including all the Eeveelutions, there’s no better time to grab some new glasses!

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Pokémon teams up with eyewear company JINS for 59 new stylish glasses for adults and kids

Keep your favorite Pokémon with you wherever you go with these fashionable new glasses.

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Japan now has a line of eyeglasses and sunglasses specifically designed for plus-sized women

Tokyo-based company creates glasses that aim to be flatteringly fashionable and comfortable for full-figured wearers.

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J!NS and Japan Rail East collaborate to bring a small piece of train history to your face

Having a face like the back-end of a bus is less than desirable, but how about a face like the front of a train?

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See the world through the eyes of an anime heroine with new Sailor Moon eyewear from JINS

The gorgeous eight-piece collection features a number of adorable, special details.

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JINS MEME: Award winning glasses track your physical state and concentration levels

Thanks to the world of smartphones, we’re now able to connect to ourselves on a physical level in a way we never could before. Fitness apps and wearable devices like the Fitbit wristband allow us to monitor everything from the number of steps we take to our walking speed and heart rate.

While activity trackers usually take physical data from our wrists, Japanese eyewear brand JINS is taking a very different approach by monitoring not only our physical but also our mental state, with the new JINS MEME glasses. Using a number of built-in sensors to gather data from the eyes and body, now you can monitor everything from posture to alertness levels and find out how your body and mind “age” alters throughout the day.

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New Glasses Designed Exclusively for Hackers

Glasses maker JINS have announced that on 2 July they will sell a limited release of 1,500 pairs of their confusingly named JINS PC for Hackers, which are glasses tailored to meet the needs of hackers.

JINS makes it clear on their website that they are referring to hackers in the traditional sense of someone with a lot of experience and skill using computers and networks, rather than the criminal sense often used in the media.

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