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Here at RocketNews24, we’re huge fans of the hypnotically synchronized dance group World Order. We’ve followed them dancing all over Tokyo, London, and even giving one of the most amazing opening pitches to a baseball game ever.

The group has recently put out a new music video entitled “The Next Phase” where they show off their robotic moves in Paris and Berlin. While it’s just as impressive as their other videos, this one has a bittersweet twist: it will be the last performance by the group’s leader Genki Sudo.

Watch the video and find out why he’s leaving at the link below!

For those unaware, Genki Sudo was a professional mixed martial artist until 2006 when he retired from the sport and founded the dance/music group World Order in 2009. He is seen as the leader of the group, so him retiring is quite a shock to their fans all over the world.

Here’s what he had to say about his retirement on the group’s YouTube page (translated into English himself):

“Chaos has been taking place everywhere in the world now. I believe it is a sign to step into a next phase for the human race. It can be said that such phenomenon might be a positive reaction shifting toward from ‘Material civilization’ to ‘Civilization with placing more importance on love and care.’ I have created this artwork with such sentiment. I also eventually decided to appear in the music video of WORLD ORDER for the last time through this artwork due to moving to the next phase myself. I certainly would like to make a full expression in cooperation with the producers and other members from now on. And please continuously give your support to a new WORLD ORDER as always!”

Those are certainly some deep thoughts, and not what you typically expect to hear from a retiring celebrity. It’s not entirely clear from his above translation, but in the Japanese version of his farewell he says that he will stay on with the group as a producer, just not a participant. It should be interesting to see how that shift affect the group, hopefully in a positive way.

So now why don’t you take a look for yourself at Genki Sudo’s last performance and watch the video for World Order’s “The Next Phase.”

▼ Ah, brings back memories of when I visited the Louvre in Paris with my own synchronized dance troupe.

world order phase 01

▼ What’s this? Only two members in front of the Arc de Triomphe?

world order phase 02

▼ Ah, of course. They were simply gyrating in perfect motion behind him the whole time.

world order phase 03

▼ Nothing fazes the Parisians, not even a group of nearly-identically dressed men walking down the street in perfect unison.

world order phase 04

▼ “Hey, whatcha doin’?”

world order phase 05

▼ “Oh don’t mind me. I’m just levitating behind this tree.”

world order phase 06

▼ What tower? All I see is seven dancing Japanese dudes!

world order phase top

▼ Seems like one of the members got lost on the streets of Berlin….

world order phase 08

▼ Ah. You’d think I would’ve figured this out by now.

world order phase 09

▼ And then they all somehow miraculously line up behind Sudo-san…

world order phase 10

▼ …who ends the video with some beautiful Matrix-esque moves.

world order phase 11

If you haven’t watched the video yet, be sure to do so when you get a chance—the screenshots do not do it justice at all. There’s so much thought put into the details of every dance movement, and the result is simply captivating.

Knowing that this is Sudo-san’s final video may be a sad note to end on, but all that we can say after watching is thank you to him and everyone else involved with World Order for some amazing music videos. We’re excited to see what The Next Phase for the group looks like.

Source/screenshots: YouTube/WORLD ORDER
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