We visit a restaurant called ‘Otaku’ in France, eat some otaku sushi

We expected the Parisian restaurant to be overflowing with anime goods, but the reality was something quite different.

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“More Japanese than Japan” – Kodawari Ramen Tsukiji in Paris lives up to every part of its name

The wisdom of “Long line equals great ramen” turns out to be as true in Paris as it is in Tokyo.

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Japanese confectionery store Toraya serves up a surprising meal in Paris

Wagashi suppliers to the Imperial Family offer a different experience to customers overseas.

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We visit the Paris branch of Muji in search for some minimalist products only found in France

Parisian branch of Muji is perfect blend of European and Japanese tastes.

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What are the most popular Gundam model kits in Paris? French Bandai Store gives us the answer

And we learned a lot about Gunpla in the process!

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We stumble across hidden gems at Paris branch of Japanese second-hand bookstore Book Off in Paris

Japan’s biggest chain of used books and other media blends right in with the City of Lights.

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We try chain restaurant miso ramen in Paris and find a slice of home overseas【Pics】

Sometimes the most familiar things in life spring up in the most unexpected of places.

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Japanese citizen injured in Paris acid attack, Ministry of Foreign Affairs posts note of caution

Our thoughts are with the affected individual.

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We visit the Paris branch of Japanese ramen chain Ippudo and eat the most unusual ramen

We’d meant to compare French tonkotsu with Japanese tonkotsu, but we couldn’t resist trying a brand new kind of ramen!

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Japanese restaurant in Paris vandalized with “coronavirus” graffiti【Photos】

Outbreak-triggered fear leads to hateful crime.

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Japanese man discovered by Balenciaga on streets of Tokyo becomes fashion model on Paris runway

One day he’s simply walking around Tokyo and the next he’s the darling of the Paris fashion world.

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Preview video of Sailor Moon’s stage musical for Paris shows Sailor Senshi in costume【Video】

Anime magical girl stage show features choreography from famous idol singer collaborator.

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The differences between French and Japanese love hotels can be downright frightening

Our reporter Yuichiro Wasai visited a love hotel in Paris, France to see how they differed from Japanese ones, and left emotionally scarred.

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Paris’ Japanese-style crêperie will take care of all of your cute cravings

Our reporter hops on a plane to Paris to check out Princess Crêpe, a Japanese-style creperie in the City of Lights!

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La vie en ramen: our Japanese reporter slurps salty noodle soup in Paris

Our Japanese reporter eats Japanese ramen in a noodle bar in Paris – but how does it compare to his own country’s salty fare?

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Tokyo Tower, Skytree don French Tricolour in show of sympathy following Paris terrorist attack

Last weekend, Tokyo’s two most famous structures switched their usual lighting to blue, white, and red in a showing of solidarity with the French people.

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Ramen chain Ippudo to launch first shop in France, teaming up with famous fashion designer

Ramen, which despite its origins many now consider to be one of the national dishes of Japan, seems to have steadily grown in popularity and recognition outside the country as well, with an increasing number of ramen establishments opening in locations such as Singapore, London, New York, Los Angeles and even the Netherlands in recent years.

Now, one of the most successful ramen chains in Japan, Hakata Ippudo—often simply referred to simply as “Ippudo”—will be venturing into a brave new culinary frontier as they open their very first shop in Paris, France, this December. We can imagine it has to be pretty exciting and challenging for a foreign-based restaurant to open shop in the country that gave us the Michelin Guide, and it also looks like we can look forward to some fashionable collaborations to commemorate Ippudo’s foray into one of the gourmet capitals of the world!

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Synchronized robot dance group World Order performs their final music video together【Video】

Here at RocketNews24, we’re huge fans of the hypnotically synchronized dance group World Order. We’ve followed them dancing all over Tokyo, London, and even giving one of the most amazing opening pitches to a baseball game ever.

The group has recently put out a new music video entitled “The Next Phase” where they show off their robotic moves in Paris and Berlin. While it’s just as impressive as their other videos, this one has a bittersweet twist: it will be the last performance by the group’s leader Genki Sudo.

Watch the video and find out why he’s leaving at the link below!

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Japanese boxed lunches pulling into France at authentic bento stand opening in Paris station

In just about every major train station in Japan, you’ll find a stand selling boxed lunches called ekiben. A combination of the words eki (“station”) and bento (“boxed lunch”), ekiben serve as a tasty, convenient meal for travelers to dine on as they watch the scenery slip by outside their window.

Given that trains are terrestrial transportation, and that Japan is an island nation, until now you’ve generally had to come to Japan in order to get your hands on authentic station bento. That’s changing soon, though, with the opening of an ekiben stand in a rail station in Paris.

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Japan’s biggest Obon dance festival makes its international debut in Paris

There are many different reasons to visit Japan, but something that should be on everyone’s bucket list are the matsuri, or festivals. Summer is a big time for festivals, especially in August when the Obon festival is held, during which many people travel back to their hometowns in order to honor their family and ancestors. With so many families together in their hometowns, it is the perfect time for a matsuri full of songs, dancing, and long-standing traditions.

One of the biggest Obon celebrtions in all of Japan is the Awa Odori festival in Tokushima Prefecture, which over a million people attend each year. The dancers who are dressed in their traditional clothing and musicians that pound out the beat in tune with your heart are truly a sight to behold, but if you can’t experience the traditional festival in Japan, why not try to bring it to your country as one French journalist did?

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