Given a map, could you name an iconic dish from every country in the world? We’re guessing probably not.

Some foods are now so famous globally they practically stand as symbols for their country as a whole (think “sushi” and you think “Japan”), while others are instantly recognizable on smaller regional or local scales (unless you’re familiar with Icelandic culture or study Viking lore, you’ve probably never heard of “hákarl” before). If you’re fascinated by the intersection of food and culture, you’ll definitely want to check out this cool new infographic on the topic!

U.K.-based “luxury holiday lettings company” Perfect Stays recently shared the following handy infographic titled “30 iconic dishes from around the world.” Its clean design and easy-to-follow, informative contents make it something that we’d definitely like to hang in the office to drool over.

Here’s an excerpt from what the site had to say about their inspiration for creating the infographic:

“…The ability for food to bring people together is something which can be seen all the way across the globe, and this inspired us to take a look at some of the most ‘Iconic Dishes From Around the World.’

Whatever your preference when it comes to food, hopefully this will inspire you to get some of your family and friends around the table and even cook up some of these worldwide classics yourself.”

While the original infographic is one long, continuous visual, we’ve broken it up into smaller sections for your ease of viewing below. Which of the following dishes are familiar to you, and which ones are you seeing for the first time?











We hope these pictures have got your mouth watering and you’re inspired to go out and try some new dishes. We’re going to start by looking for a restaurant that serves döner kebap!

Source/Images: Perfect Stays via DesignTAXI