Find your purr-fect creativity outlet over the holidays and give these eight kitty-compatible DIY projects a try.

Own a cat or two (or possibly more)? Why not skip a trip to the pet store and make your feline companion(s) a budget-friendly window perch, scratching post, or food tray instead?

This infographic is courtesy of Power Tool World, a company who sells power tools and loves to think of DIY projects that they can do to make their lives more fun.

They’ve compiled a handy how-to guide for both DIY novices and experts, featuring some nifty hands-on projects your pets won’t be able to take their paws off of.


Your kitties are sure to be content after you complete one of these projects — and we bet you’ll walk away feeling like the cat’s meow, too!

Source: Power Tool World
Feature/insert images: Power Tool World