“Cooking school for my cat and me”? Sounds like a dream come true for ailurophiles (cat lovers) the world over!

ABC Cooking Studio, a popular chain of cooking schools across Japan, has recently teamed up with MonPetit, a brand of gourmet cat food under the Purina label, to offer cooking lessons on how to craft the perfect meal which can be eaten by both you and your cat! With four special recipes to learn, this is the ultimate chance to pamper your adorable kitty and to partake of a top-quality meal together.

Japan’s ABC Cooking Studios will begin taking reservations on May 1st for their special “Cooking School for My Cat and Me” lessons. In these classes, you’ll learn how to cook a meal composed of four appetizing dishes that both you and your cat can enjoy together.

All four of the recipes (which are already listed on the official site, along with preparation methods and caloric intake information) use common base ingredients that are found in MonPetit’s line of cat food. In fact, the brand itself already includes over 100 quality cat food products, boasting everything from kitty appetizers to desserts.

To give you a better sense of that incredible variety, just check out how happy this cat is to be waited on by 100 chefs in the following 2015 MonPetit commercial:

They don’t even make human menus that long!

Moving on, let’s take a look at the aforementioned dishes that you can learn to cook at the cooking studio. Here they are laid out in both the human version of the meal…


…and the feline version (those minuscule portion sizes are just too cute!).


Here are each of the dishes in more mouth-watering detail:

▼ “Homemade tuna chunks coated with creamy tartar sauce”


▼ “Tuna and bonito carpaccio with scallop garnish”


▼ “Tuna and vegetable cold soup ~bonito aroma~”


“Grilled salmon with spinach ~cream sauce~”


Make sure you don’t have a drooling kitty looking over your shoulder at this point!

If you live in Japan and you’ve got a hankering to try out the cooking classes, you can use this handy search tool on the ABC Cooking Studio website to look up the nearest studio location to you either by using the drop-down prefecture menu or by inputting a specific address.

But wait, don’t hack up a hairball yet, because there’s more to this whole shebang. MonPetit is also holding a separate series of four promotions over the rest of this year which will eventually result in the creation of a new cat food to go on sale in spring 2016.

While the full details surrounding the final three promotions haven’t yet been revealed, the first consists of a poll to determine the most popular ingredients loved by cats nationwide. MonPetit members can visit the website here until May 31 to cast a vote for their cat’s favorite food out of a list of ingredients. Future polls will ask voters about their cats’ favorite food preparation methods and dish toppings, with the most popular combination of all of these factors then being combined into the new cat food product.

▼ An advertisement for MonPetit’s cat food campaign


With so many trifling ways to spoil your feline overlord pet on an everyday basis, why not be bold and take advantage of ABC Cooking Studio and MonPetit’s latest collaboration to learn how to cook a spectacular meal for two? Bon appétit!

Thanks to Steven for the tip!

Sources/Images: ABC Cooking Studio, MonPetit