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Selfies are a controversial topic these days with some groups arguing they’re evidence of this generation’s descent into self-absorbed vanity, and others saying they’re an expression of one’s self-identity. But whether you care about “selfie culture” or not, you’ll want to at least give this one a glance.

It seems that even cats are not immune to the selfie craze! Apparently the owner of this pretty kitty put his iPhone down without locking the screen and came back to find the photo below on his screen. Favourited over 50,000 times, this cool cat is well on his way to internet fame.

▼ Working those angles!

@sakonora3‘s Twitter account is basically dedicated to his cat and there are plenty more adorable photos where that one came from. Despite being a furry feline, he’s just like many other human youths these days; obsessed with technology and harbouring dreams of internet stardom.

▼ Not content with his own selfies, he has to photo-bomb his owner’s, too.

kitty (3)Twitter/@sakonora3

kitty (4)Twitter/@sakonora3

kitty (1)Twitter/@sakonora3

kitty (2)Twitter/@sakonora3

▼ This adorable feline can’t keep his paws off Wii U controllers either!

▼ But he is very photogenic, so we can forgive him.

▼ Even the vainest of kitties can get a little camera-shy from time to time.

This cat totally needs to get on Instagram or Snapchat and start amassing those followers. I hear those are the apps all the cool kids are using these days!

Source: @sakonora3 h/t HamuSoku
Images: Twitter/@sakonora3