Earlier this week, we took a look at Out Division, a boys love online game produced by BLobby, and its unique nipple matching memory game. Even among fans of the genre, people who generally enjoy the visual delight that is dishevelled men, some found the nipple-centric features of Out Division to be slightly disturbing and borderline ridiculous.

But it seems the game maker’s fixation with man nips doesn’t end there: BLobby has announced its participation in this year’s Animate Girl’s Festival, and it has prepared some rather eye-catching merch for the event…

Not to be mistaken for nipple pasties, which are fashion etiquette adhesive patches created to hide the appearance of nipples, these never-before-seen nipple stickers are literally stickers of illustrated man-nipples.

▼ Need a nipple? Here, have 28 of them!

For 300 yen (US$2.50), fans will be able to get their hands on a 100mm x 140mm sheet of stickers that contain 14 pairs of 2-D man-nips in a variation of shapes and sizes. The stickers are said to be removable like masking tape, so users will be able to paste the little adhesive nippies even on their precious figurines and peel them off without leaving a messy residue. Peace of mind, I’m sure…

Sticking these on figurines does sound like a rational idea, but let’s be honest, these nipple stickers would be way more enjoyable if they were pasted on everyday items such as on the back of smartphones or notebooks, just to see how others would react to it.

▼ BLobby will also be retailing other less revealing merchandise such as can badges, acrylic character charms and towels.

For more information on the event where these items will be made available for purchase, check out the Animate Girl’s Festival 2015 official website (Japanese only, sorry).

Source: Nijimen
Top image: Out Division Official PR Twitter (@out_divPR) edited by RocketNews24