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Are you terrible at drawing but really wish you could to sketch some pictures of things you like? Do you have zero qualms about using a giant plastic drawing board designed for small children?

Well then we have good news for you! Bandai’s “Magical Illustrator” turns anything you can look at into something that you can trace into a perfect two-dimensional rendition. The only catch? Well, you’re going to have to be taught how to use it by two elementary school girls.

The Magical Illustrator is going to be released by toymaker Bandai in late November. All you have to do is put something in front of the drawing board, look though the viewing area, and then be amazed with your incredible sketching skills.

▼ You can use it to sketch a nice still life, a portrait of a loved one… or your favorite stuffed capybara toy.

magic illustrator 00

To explain how to use this professional art tool, here’s a video of well-known Japanese YouTubers and toy reviewers, nine-year-old Kanna-chan and six-year-old Akira-chan:

▼ Hi! We’re here to show you this awesome drawing tool you can pretend to buy for your kid when you really just want it for yourself!

magic illustrator 01

▼ Kanna and Akira will be using the Magic Illustrator to trace a picture, while thrilled-looking dad will be doing it the old fashioned way: with just his lame old eyes.

magic illustrator 02

▼ Here’s the first picture to copy: a pair of starry-eyed Tamagochi friends.

magic illustrator 03

▼ After attaching the paper to the illustrator, you can look through the viewer to see a reflection of the image on a blank piece of paper that only you can see.

magic illustrator 04

▼ See? It’s like magic!

magic illustrator 05

▼ Art in progress, do not disturb.

magic illustrator 06

▼ The final verdict: the Magic Illustrator makes it so that a nine-year-old and six-year-old (left pictures) can draw way better than dad (right).

magic illustrator 07

▼ And you can use the viewer to trace 3-D objects too, like the face of your extremely excited dad.

magic illustrator 08

▼ Hey, not too shabby! And the drawing isn’t bad either!

magic illustrator 09

▼ All of this can be yours for the low price of 5,300 yen (US$44) and never being able to tell anyone how you suddenly got so good at drawing.

magic illustrator 10

The Magic Illustrator may be incredibly cutesy and child-proof, but it’s hard to deny that it’s still pretty cool. As someone who is terrible at sketching but wants to get better, I may just have to bite the bullet and ask Santa to bring me one of these!

Source: Bandai Girl’s Collection
Featured/top image: Bandai Girl’s Collection
Insert images: YouTube/Bandai