For whatever reason, there seems to be an increasing demand for versions of men’s products that are traditionally meant for women, particularly in Japan. Perhaps some of you might be wondering, now that Japanese men have their very own lacy bras and panties, panty liners, and even sanitary panties, what else do they need? Here’s what’s up next: nipple pasties.

Nipple pasties are something so intimate yet so unfamiliar, even for women. Many of us have probably heard of and seen those rounded or pretty flower-shaped pasties, but perhaps less than half of us have actually used one (or should I say, two).

Eye-catching pasties of various shapes and colors were more commonly worn by burlesque performers, but in recent years, skin colored versions of the adhesive patches have gradually become a fashion staple for women as a form of underwear, especially under revealing clothing. The little pasties may seem small and flimsy, but they do make a significant difference in protecting the precious buds in cases of wardrobe malfunction or abrasion against fabric.


Unlike women, men don’t have to worry much about such wardrobe malfunctions, but that doesn’t mean that the sight of a man’s nipples protruding through his shirt is a scenic view. An online survey by Sirabee revealed that 84.3% of the 750 women surveyed thought that men’s nipples being visible through a T-shirt is a turn off. While most of the women who answered NO to visible man nips stated that it’s “gross”, “narcissistic” and “dirty”, it’s interesting to note that a handful of them harbored double standards when it came to attractive men, macho men and models or celebrities.

To get into the good books of the ladies, or simply as a form of etiquette, some men wear undershirts to keep their man nips out of sight. Undershirts work perfectly fine, but they add to your laundry load and can get too warm for comfort in summer. The good news is, now there are nipple pasties for men!

▼ Skin colored types are the most common.



▼ This brand blatantly called MEN’S NIPPLE provides transparent pasties in two function-specific variations.

▼ This is how you use a MEN’S NIPPLE.

Nipple pasties for runners do seem like a practical item to prevent abrasion. Any of you guys out there considering these man nip stickers already? Don’t worry if these don’t appeal to you, there are the remaining 15.7% of Japanese women who think men look “cool” and “sexy” with their nipples standing out against their shirts.

Are visible man nips really such big turn-offs? Nipple pasties for men, yay or nay? Share your views in the comments section below!

Source: Japan Realm via Zhaizhai News
Images: Japan Realm, Sirabee, MEN’S NIPPLE