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Not everyone has the time or skills necessary to cook a tasty meal, which is why so many bachelors rely on microwavable and other instant foods when they get hungry. But most men will tell you everything in life is more enjoyable in the company of a beautiful woman, which is why this new brand of instant Japanese curry comes bundled with a DVD of a sexy model who will pretend to be your girlfriend while you eat it.

It’s true that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and for Japanese guys, curry is the high-speed expressway to his latent romantic feelings. But because curry is often cited by men as the food they most want their girlfriends to cook for them, for single guys eating a pack of instant curry alone can be a unique kind of deep melancholy.

But if you’re hungry for curry and female companionship, fear not, because novelty book shop Village Vanguard, which stocks a surprisingly large inventory of instant curries, has recently released Men’s Delusion Curry–Orange Flavor Featuring Mao Harada.

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Included with the 200-gram (7.1-ounce) serving of instant curry is a DVD starring 27-year-old gurabia model Mao Harada, who’s also known by her nickname “Haradan.” The disc’s three chapters are:

1. The Younger Girlfriend
2. The Older Girl Who Lives Next Door and is Sort of Risqué
3. Haradan Made a Home-Cooked Meal

For the record, oranges aren’t a common curry component in Japan. However, Harada hails from Ehime Prefecture, which is one of Japan’s top growers of the mandarin oranges called mikan in Japanese. We’re not sure how well citrus fruit actually goes with the spicy sweet flavors of Japanese curry, but if we’re being completely honest, the flavor of the curry itself probably isn’t the primary selling point here.

▼ When you look like this, guys will pretty much eat whatever you offer them.

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By the way, in those videos Harada is modeling a T-shirt with a picture of her own chest printed on it, which is also being sold by Village Vanguard. Pick one up at the same time as your 1,500-yen (US$13) pack of Men’s Delusion Curry, slip it on your Cotton Wife, and you’ll be all set for a double-dose of dining with Haradan.

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