Hey, it’s Monday! Aren’t you happy to roll out of bed and head to work? No?! Well, maybe you need a new perspective—maybe something like this guy directing traffic in the style of Michael Jackson!

Look, we get it. Monday mornings suck more than videos filmed vertically, but that doesn’t mean they can’t still produce some enjoyable results! It’s all a matter of perspective, right? If you tell yourself, “I love my job! I’m excited to go to work! I am going to crush it today like a boss,” you just might have the best day ever!

Of course, not everyone can be the dancing, traffic-directing badass in the video above, so you’re forgiven if, even after a bathroom pep talk, you still have a crappy Monday. Sometimes work just sucks.

So what did Japanese commenters think about the video?

“From the perspective of a driver, I’d rather he did it normally…”
“So cool! BUT! Considering the fact that he’s doing this at work, he might get in trouble. (⌒-⌒;”
“I wonder if he’s spinning to check on the safety of everything around the intersection.”
“He looks like he’s having fun!”
“Isn’t this actually MORE dangerous?”
“It’s great to be able to enjoy your work.”

We can kind of understand why people might be divided about this, but we also strongly suspect this guy has everything under control. And it totally left us giggling for a couple of minutes, and laughter is the best medicine, so maybe he’s also giving everyone a bit of energy and improving their health!

Okay, we might be stretching a bit to rationalize things, but in our defense, it is Monday!

Sources: YouTube/Twitter de Wadai noDouga, Twitter/@snkz_hideto
Top image: YouTube/Twitter de Wadai noDouga