There’s a poetic beauty to this shot that will make the couple want to revisit it decades down the line.

Whether you’re going all out on a Pokemon themed extravaganza or just determined to slice apart a tuna with your bride or groom, your wedding day should be a day to remember. That’s why it’s important to document the big day with lots of photographs – and potentially a video or two, too.

Occasionally you might catch an extra-special snap that tugs at the heartstrings even harder than usual. That was the case for @shashinya1224, a professional cameraman who specializes in couples and event photography.

“I got this one shot purely by chance…
In the background of this shot of a newlywed bride and groom, there was an elderly couple walking arm-in-arm, getting along just wonderfully…
It makes me hope that this newlywed couple will turn out just like them after a few decades♪”

Because of the soft-focus of the older couple in the background of the shot, it lends an almost mystical quality to the image, like a glimpse at the future. Twitter commenters were just as delighted with the photograph as the man who took it, judging from their reactions.

“Gorgeous shot. Just like you said, it’d be so sweet if they grew to become just like that other couple.”
“I think this is the most moved I’ve been by a photograph all year! Lovely (*≧∀≦*)”
“It would have also looked nice if the newlyweds had their arms linked like the older couple…Though I guess maybe you were showing the distance they still had to cross as a couple? Either way, it’s a truly wonderful photograph.”

If the good omen provided by this photograph holds true, there’s all kinds of sweet surprises in store for this new couple. Say cheese!

Source: Twitter/@shashinya1224 via Wadai no Gazo
Featured image: Twitter/@shashinya1224