Let your sweet tooth run wild with this new take on famous Japanese vocaloid Hatsune Miku.

Online retailer Felissimo is one of our favourite places to go to in the hunt for cute fashion. As well as selling everyday clothing, they have a special department solely dedicated to cat-adorned items, a section for humorous products, and a unique branch called Sukiyaki, which takes it styling cues from the world of Japanese manga and anime.

Now, Sukiyaki has released a new line of goods, and the inspiration for the range is the famous vocaloid character Hatsune Miku; only this time she’s joined by a world of delicious, tempting sweets.

▼ The “Sweets Miku” idea came about when the Sukiyaki team were brainstorming a theme for their new Hatsune Miku range. After the topic of sweets came up, it fit perfectly with the tempting yet light-hearted appeal they were aiming for.


The first item in the collection is a beautiful dress in mint green, adorned with chocolate-brown embellishments. Shown here over a collared, long-sleeve blouse, the “Candy Wrapper Apron Dress”, retails for 9,936 yen (US$86.89).


There’s also a cute “Sweets Shower Umbrella” (4,644 yen), which can be used on both clear and rainy days. It features a beautiful cotton candy cloud design, complete with cakes and sweets falling like a shower of rain around Miku and her long, floaty pigtails.


If you need to carry your personal items around, why not do it in a biscuit? The “Soda Cream Cookie Pouch” (3,456 yen) looks good enough to eat with its dark brown exterior and bright aqua-coloured filling. Plus, there’s an adorable image of Miku and her long pigtails printed on the outside of the chocolate biscuit.


You can adorn your wrists with the “Itadakima-su! Wristwatch” (6,372 yen), which features a cute image of Miku licking her lips in the centre, and the “Teatime Bracelet” (3,780 yen), which includes a collection of tiny charms.


The sweet items are all filled with tiny details that fans of anime fashion will fall in love with. To take a look at more photos from the collection, stop by the Sukiyaki website for more details.


Source: ITmedia
Top Image: Sukiyaki (edited by RocketNews24)
Insert Images: Sukiyaki