We’ve seen gorgeous character bentos and grated radish animals swimming in hotpot stews, but this winter it’s all about shivering rice cats begging to be covered in bright yellow omelette blankets.

The first cat to begin the trend was the star of a Japanese commercial for a local brand of eggs called Kiyora. In the ad, the sleepy kitten made from rice lies on a plate on the counter, waiting for its ‘owner’ to tuck him into a Japanese futon bed to keep warm.


Alas, after looking in the refrigerator, the cat’s creator finds the egg carton empty. Time to head off to the shop to buy a pack of Kiyora eggs!

People in Japan instantly fell in love with the adorable concept, which plays on the family-friendly ‘omurice’ dish, made from an omelette filled with ketchup-seasoned fried rice. Since the ad began airing last month, a number of sweet chilly cats have been appearing on Twitter.

https://twitter.com/makki_rui/status/663190640302272512 https://twitter.com/AoiGossipgirl/status/659346974567628800 https://twitter.com/dino_sa/status/658583070782566400 https://twitter.com/flower_makaron/status/660442426713051136 https://twitter.com/tellme71/status/660421541029482496 https://twitter.com/39mirai1/status/659962240452308992

The only problem, of course, is having to finish your meal when it looks this cute!



To welcome your own chilly cat to the dining table, simply wrap individual rice portions in plastic wrap or cling film and then mould them into rounded shapes before assembling them in a cat-shape on your plate. Add some cheese or sausage pieces for the face and ears and then finish with some cut nori seaweed pieces for the eyes and whiskers. All that’s left to do is cover your creation with an omelette and you’ve got the cutest weeknight dinner to surprise family and friends. Happy eating everyone!

Source: Grapee
Screenshots: YouTube/Kiyora Gourmet Shitate Official Channel