Lawson Store 100 releases retro line of Japanese convenience store foods

Let’s take it back to ’79, give or take a decade.

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At Kichi Kichi in Kyoto the rice omelets are both dinner and a show【Video】

Kichi Kichi ya ya da da…

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Hey, Japanese taxi driver! Thanks for taking us to one of the best rice omelet restaurants in Japan

The Pakkan Omuraisu isn’t just a meal, it’s a performance too!

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We try Kaldi’s microwavable Omelet Rice to find out if it really cooks that easily【SoraKitchen】

Omurice in just five minutes? We had to try it.

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Japanese maid delivery service brings omurice to your door 【Video】

Now you can apply to have omurice delivered to your door with a side of “moe moe chin”.

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Rice cats feel the cold, need omelette blankets this winter【Pics & Video】

We’ve seen gorgeous character bentos and grated radish animals swimming in hotpot stews, but this winter it’s all about shivering rice cats begging to be covered in bright yellow omelette blankets.

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Japanese chef shows off amazing cooking skills with high-flying omelettes 【Video】

If any of you have ever tried your hand at making omurice– a Japanese rice omelette- then you’ll know it can get a bit tricky when trying to plate up. This chef, however, not only makes the process look super quick and easy, but he even turns the process into a mini performance as he shows off his skill!

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When East meets West: Rice omelet sushi available for a limited time at Sushiro

If you’re looking to try a popular type of washoku, or traditional Japanese food, while in Japan, sushi would be at the top of the list for many. If you wanted to try some authentic yoshoku, or Western-style Japanese cuisine, omurice, a parcel of rice wrapped in an omelette skin and topped with tomato sauce, would be one of the firm recommendations.

Now both of these star players have finally come together as part of a brand new menu from popular revolving sushi chain Sushiro. This unique Omurice Sushi is dainty, delicious and it retails for only 108 yen!

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Tribute to Nausicaä: Ohm-rice of the Valley of the Wind

The post-apocalyptic Japanese fantasy film Nausicaä of the Valley of Wind (Kaze no Tani no Naushika) came out in 1984. If you watched it as a kid, the odds are that your life was changed in some drastic way. Maybe you decided you wanted to be just like princess Nausicaä when you grew up, and learned how to fly. Or, you might have secretly decided to move to Japan, where those amazing creatures might live. Or, like one Niconico contributor, you were inspired to create an incredible replica of the king of the giant insects… the gigantic, trilobite-like Ohm… in the form of a rice omelette.

Omu-rice is an omelette made with fried rice—a popular Japanese dish, commonly served up with ketchup on top in a zigzag or smiley-face. This Ohm-rice tribute to Nausicaä looks a lot more ominous. If you’d like to try making Ohm-rice with squid ink sauce and spinach powder, you can have a go with the rough recipe provided below!

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What kind of person are you attracted to?  Good looking and intelligent may be at the top of many people’s list of attractive attributes, but not all of us are blessed with an abundance of physical beauty and/or high intelligence.

Self sufficiency and outspokenness would normally be good characteristics to have but are also widely overlooked by the male species when searching for a female to spend time with.  ‘Ah she doesn’t need me’, would be a likely initial reaction.  This could be one of the great universal truths: cultural boundaries disappear in the need for us to be needed.

Alright, so something has to be done and since it takes time for someone to find your ‘inner beauty’, you may want to try these sure-fire tactics, courtesy of our female Japanese editorial staff, for getting someone you’re interested in to be interested in you.  Ladies, arm yourselves!

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