With just over a month until Star Wars: The Force Awakens hits theaters, Star Wars fever has taken the world by storm, and Korea is no exception! K-pop group EXO has recorded a tie-in single, named “Lightsaber”,  for the Korean release of the film, and a music video for the song was released on YouTube earlier this week. As you may expect, it quickly went viral, reaching almost two million views in the last few days.

We’ve seen anticipation for the new Star Wars film explode in Japan over the last year in the form of rice paddy art, home furnishings, and edible characters. So, it makes sense that in Korea, the most anticipated movie release of the year would team up with the fastest selling K-pop group ever, making this the second collaborative effort between Disney and music juggernaut SM Entertainment.

The video features Baekhyun, Sehun, and Kai from the group, in an alternate reality where open- and concealed-carry lightsabers are apparently real things.

▼ Also, lightsaber accessories are the next big trend.


▼Either this pool hall is secret Jedi hangout or discrimination is nasty in this reality.


We’re not sure how knocking over a bunch of junk food off a supermarket shelf mentally prepares you for battle, but maybe it’s just his special way of honing in on the Force.


After watching the video and finding it pretty lacking in lightsaber action, one might wonder if EXO is actually promoting Star Wars! According to those in the know, though, this is only the short version and fans can look forward to the group opening up a can of Jedi whoop-ass in the soon-to-be-released full version.

Hopefully the final video will look as cool as this previous EXO “Lightsaber” trailer released a few years back, but with effects like this epic kendo fight instead of laser hands.

For those who just can’t get the new Korean movie release theme out of their head, the single is available for digital download on iTunes.

 Source: Youtube/SMTOWN (1, 2) via Kotaku
Feature/insert images: YouTube/SMTOWN