Star Wars action figures show us the untold story of why Ren abandoned the light in favor of the dark.

No Jedi in his or her right mind would want to deal with Commander of the First Order, Kylo Ren. His legendary temper precedes his skills in the world of Star Wars, and even allies know to tread lightly around him when he’s in the midst of a tantrum.

Action figure enthusiast @juridget shows us that Ren has definitely met his match this time, thanks to the ever resourceful heroine of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Rey.

The two had gone out for a quick snack at a conveyor belt sushi restaurant, no doubt debating the effects of the Force on climate change. After sitting down, Rey pointed to the faucet-looking device on their table.

▼ “That’s where you wash your hands at Japanese conveyor belt sushi stores,”
said a crafty Rey.

▼ Because it’s common practice to wash your hands before eating sushi, right?

Well no, since pressing that black button causes boiling hot water to gush out, possibly scalding customers if they’re unaware of Japan’s customs. Such faucets found in sushi restaurants are a handy way to supply hot water for tea, and are also apparently a good way to get rid of Force-empowered adversaries.

There’s no telling whether Kylo Ren went on a sushi rampage after that, given his predisposition for violence. Japanese Twitter users were quite amused at the exchange, perhaps due to the fact that it could very well happen in real life:

“He’s going to snap and flail his lightsaber around.”
“He’s going to whip out his light saber and take his anger out on the sushi counter.”
“So she was the one who sent him to the dark side.”
“I’m not sure who’s more evil.”
“Based on a true story.”

That certainly was a brilliant way to lure Ren to the dark side of the Force. On hindsight, we should have tried it on the real Luke Skywalker, Mark Hamill, to see if he would stray from the light when he came down to Japan for our interview. There’s always next time I suppose.

Source, featured image: Twitter/@juridget