We’ve seen Pikachu’s skeleton and Disney princesses as flirty pin-up girls but now it’s time to see all our favourite childhood characters take a walk on the wild side with this nightmarish trip down memory lane.

The picture collection by acclaimed artist Dan LuVisi is part of his new project called “Popped Culture”. The series of warped illustrations is set to be published as a book, following a successful Kickstarter campaign that’s already far exceeded its $15,000 goal with 15 days still remaining. His 883 backers are supporting the “strange and disturbing” take on beloved childhood icons in return for soft-copy and hard-copy editions, T-shirts and even private commissions tailored to individual specifications.

Let’s take a look at some of the characters who’ve been spat out by the harsh machine of fame and celebrity in the world of Popped Culture. Beware: some viewers may find the following images disturbing!


▼ Mickey and Minnie appear as “The Mouse King” and “The Mouse Queen”, both hungry for power and, by the looks of it, human flesh.


▼ “My Brother’s Keeper”. Bert and Ernie have stuck together through thick and thin, with nothing but a rubber duckie tattoo to remind them of the good times in their old apartment.


▼ Elmo as “The Puppet Hunter” shows where uncontrollable high-pitched bouts of laughter can lead you.


▼ And the future hasn’t fared much better for Monsters Inc. star Mike Wazowski either.


▼ Goofy, as “The Yellow King” looks like a sad clown in an asylum.


▼ Kermit, what have you done? Have you been half-asleep and have you heard voices? “The Driver” is a huge departure for the sweet Rainbow Connection-singing green amphibian.


▼ “What I do Best” leads us to wonder where Winnie the Pooh might be.


▼ Look away from the horror! Called “Chew”, this vacant-eyed, toothless incarnation of Pikachu is one Pokémon we definitely don’t want to catch.


▼ And another one of Bert and Ernie just because they’re awesome. Their riches-to-rags story is a movie we’d pay to see!


To find out more about the project, be sure to stop by the artist’s campaign page on Kickstarter. Just make sure you don’t have any little ones around to sneak a peek over your shoulder because these are nightmares just waiting to happen!

Source and Images: Kickstarter/Dan LuVisi’s POPPED CULTURE by Section 9 Entertainment (h/t: Kotaku Japan)