Sesame Street

Meet your favorite Sesame Street characters at Krispy Kreme Doughnuts in Japan

Once again, Krispy Kreme gives us a line of doughnuts that are way too cute to eat!

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Universal Studios Japan and Kewpie Mayo to offer delightfully convoluted Kewpie-Elmo-Easter-Eggs

Japan will see your chocolate-carrying rabbit and raise you a co-opted mayonnaise mascot wearing a muppet costume.

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Famous Chunkies: Artist shows us what characters would look like if they overate

This cast of stars from video games, movies and anime retain all their cuteness while packing on the pounds as a lesson to kids.

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Piko Taro stops by Sesame Street to help Elmo and Cookie Monster with their version of PPAP【Vid】

The popular characters from the iconic TV series dress up in leopard print and sing in Engrish for Japan’s younger generation.

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How do you get to Sesame Street? Just head to Harajuku!

Just because Sesame Street is a show for kids, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some Elmo-shaped food!

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Pikachu joins cast of Sesame Street and Disney characters in satirical look at fame and celebrity

We’ve seen Pikachu’s skeleton and Disney princesses as flirty pin-up girls but now it’s time to see all our favourite childhood characters take a walk on the wild side with this nightmarish trip down memory lane.

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Me want Great Wave: Cookie Monster takes his cookies to 1830s Hokusai ukiyoe woodblock painting

The Great Wave off Kanagawa by legendary ukiyoe artist Hokusai is well-known around the world as one of Japan’s most iconic pieces of artwork. Featuring Mt Fuji in the distance, a smattering of ocean spray and a mammoth breaking wave, this is a scene that’s been admired by millions for well over a century.

And where there’s an audience, there’ll also be a star trying to steal the spotlight. Providing poof to the theory, we present you with Sesame Street’s Cookie Monster, who’s taken his favourite baked goods back in time, all the while singing, “Sea is for cookie, that’s good enough for me ♫ Cookie, cookie, cookie starts with sea”.

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Love sweets, hate Frozen? Solution: repurpose your Olaf bun into Bert from Sesame Street!

Remember when we recently had a little fun with the Disney’s Frozen pastry buns that have gone on sale all over Japan? You know, the ones oozing with cream and chocolate (mmm) and featuring the annoying face of that goofy snowman (grr) that’s absolutely everywhere right now? While we certainly enjoyed mangling Olaf’s face with a big knife whilst maniacally humming “Let it Go”, it seems that one Twitter user has an even better idea for dealing with that pent-up Frozen frustration. An idea that involves re-purposing the buns into something more aesthetically pleasing! Since we’re all about that silver lining (and since generally, we enjoy our food more when it doesn’t look like a murder scene) we had to investigate! It turns out that it’s actually pretty simple to change goofy Olaf into another character with a little more pedigree behind it – Bert from Sesame Street! Read on for the step-by step guide!

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Sesame Street Fighter, the most badass children’s TV show ever (if only there were a show for it)

I grew up watching the characters on Sesame Street count numbers, spell words, and sing songs about goldfish and birds. Even after I had outgrown the long-running children’s series, I had to sit through it again while babysitting my little cousins. And my guess is that many of you out there went through a similar experience since the show has been on TV since 1969 and is broadcast in over 140 countries worldwide.

How many of you then subsequently got hooked on to the arcade game Street Fighter II in your school days? I definitely did, and this guy called gavacho13 on Deviantart probably did too, as he has been creating some awesome illustrations of the Sesame Street Fighters!

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