We’ve been taught to shelter under tables when there’s an earthquake, but this little hamster in Japan chose to hide in a glass bottle instead.

Twitter user @mnt0217  was casually playing with her hamster when an earthquake struck in Japan. It wasn’t an especially strong tremor, but in the moment it took her to look around the room to check that nothing could topple over or fall from a shelf, her hamster had scurried away. When she finally found the little guy, this is what he was doing.



She couldn’t believe what she was seeing, but after checking he was okay and not under any stress, she snapped a few photos to add to the hamster’s ever-growing photo album.



Although the hamster is small enough to fit in the palm of her hand, how it managed to get into the tiny glass bottle remains a mystery. It seems that hamsters have the same talent as cats when it comes to squeezing into tight-fitting containers.



Japanese netizens were quick to weigh in on the cute little hamster who was naturally shaken by the earthquake.

“What a good hamster! He’s got a great awareness of disaster procedures.”

“Where can I buy a bottled hamster?”

“That would be a great way to carry them around…”

“All animals get scared when there’s an earthquake. My dog also finds a spot to hide in.”

“I’m just seeing this in bed as I’m going to sleep. I’ll be having good dreams tonight!”


While some netizens wondered if the little hamster was stuck and unable to get out, the bottle actually seemed to have a calming effect on him and he looked to enjoy the snugness of the container. Once he’d gotten over the shock of the earthquake, he simply walked out and continued about his business, as hamsters do.

Source: Hamusoku
Images: Twitter/@mnt0217