He’s got furry buns of steel.

When you think of hamsters, what adjectives spring to mind? For most of us, it’s probably words like ‘cute’, ‘fluffy’ or ‘adorable’. It almost certainly isn’t ‘powerful’ or ‘beefy‘, but after seeing Twitter user @mx1hr‘s post, you may feel inclined to change your mind.

It appears that, intentionally or not, @mx1hr left the latch open on her hamster’s cage, resulting in the hamster (named Kuro) making a daring escape by scaling the wall. Of course, ninja hamsters are not completely unheard of, but this hamster looked like he was training to be the greatest Hokage as he climbed up the wall with ease.

Seeing Kuro nimbly scaling up the wall encouraged other hamster owners to share their pets’ similar feats of strength.

“My hamster climbs walls as well.”

With this newly attained knowledge that hamsters are actually all secretly ninjas in a furry disguise, you may be expecting some sort of Hamster Ninja Warrior to pop up in the near future.

But of course, Twitter being Twitter, many people seemed more fixated on something else – its little hamster butt. With the angle that the second photo was taken, you get a clear view of the little furry butt, complete with a pert pair of hamster butt cheeks.

“My eyes went straight to the butt. I’m so sorry.”

Soon, poor Kuro was getting an onslaught of comments about his derriere in what can only be described as hamster objectification.

“What a beautiful butt.”
“Nice ass!!”
“I just wanna poke that little butt!”
“Public service announcement: hamster cheeks discovered.”
“It’s the first time I’ve seen such a muscular hamster butt.”
“That’s a really cute butt!”

Indeed, such is the popularity of Kuro’s furry buttocks that a fellow Twitter user was inspired to make latte art out of it.

“Wiggle wiggle wiggle…”

While it’s certainly adorable and enlightening to see Kuro scampering up the wall like he was Jean Claude Van Damme, some Twitter users warned about fellow hamster owners letting their pets attempt it themselves, as falling from such a height can be disastrous for their little hamster bodies. So if you feel like you still need your hamster butt fix, worry not. We’ve got you covered!

Source: Twitter@mx1hr via Hamusoku
Images: Twitter@mx1hr
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