It seems that hamster trends come and go on the ‘Net: earlier this year hamster butts were totally in, and before that flat hamsters were all the rage. Now the hot new thing is hamster bellies! And not just their fluffy bellies, but specifically their underside seen from below.

As if they weren’t adorable enough already, it turns out that hamsters are even more squee-worthy when seen from underneath! There’s just something about the fuzzy roundness and those tiny pink feet and the adorable little nose that makes them look so darn cute that you just wanna squeeeeze them!

A Japanese Twitter user snapped this shot of their cuddly pet and uploaded it to Twitter, where it was promptly retweeted over 11,000 times. The little drawing in the top right hand corner helpfully shows the placement of the feet and the little tail bent off to the side, which seems to be a particularly moe point. And capturing it while nibbling on something was probably a good idea, because if there’s one part of a hamster that’s not quite so lovely, it’s their teeth.

I wanted to share this photo of a hamster seen from underneath with the world.

What will come next in the hamster trend? Upside-down hamsters? Hamsters from the side? Hamsters from a distance? Watch this space!

 Source: HamuSoku
Image: Twitter