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A DVD of Japan’s “hottest primate” is set to go on sale nationwide in December.

Last summer, women across Japan had their hearts stolen by the newest handsome face to be discovered by the Japanese media. That sort of thing happens a couple of time a year, as a celebrity’s visual image is critical to his success in Japan, but the new heartthrob, and it’s not just that he goes by the single name Shabani.

No, what truly sets Shabani apart is that he’s not a singer, actor, or professional athelte. He’s a gorilla at Nagoya’s Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Garden. Even through he’s been living at the facility for eight years, it wasn’t until recently that he rocketed to fame as an ikemen (a Japanese term for hot (ordinarily human) guys), and with fame in Japan comes endorsement deals. 2016 is the Year of the Monkey in the Chinese Zodiac, and with more and more people in Japan designing their own New Year’s Cards using their PC, Adobe thought Shabani was the perfect choice to promote the company’s image editing software.

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If that short one-minute video didn’t satisfy you desire to gaze upon Shabani’s manly mug, you’ll be happy to know that the 19-year-old western lowland gorilla also has his own DVD coming out, titled Ikemen Sugiru Gorilla. Shabani, or Shabani, the Gorilla Who’s Just Too Hot.

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Produced by the Higashiyama Zoo, the DVD can be preordered through Lawson and Mini Stop convenience stores, and officially goes on sale at Lawson branches on December 22. We’re assuming the video includes plenty of close-ups of Shabani’s strong, stoic eyes, and the above images seem to indicate at least one sequence where viewers can appreciate the shapely buttocks of “the hottest primate,” as the zoo is billing the DVD’s star.

The disc isn’t a complete solo project though. Also included are scenes of Shabani spending time with his children and two female mates. While the news that Shabani is romantically involved no doubt comes as a shock to a segment of his admirers, they can at least take heart in the fact that he and his wives are apparently receptive to the idea of open relationships.

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Top image: Ikemen Shabani
Insert images: YouTube/AdobeCreativeStation, Ikemen Shabani