The Body Shop anthropomorphises a best-selling skincare item with Three Wizards and The Moisture Princess.

When it comes to marketing products in Japan, one of the most popular go-to techniques is the use of anthropomorphism. Everything from ramen to chocolate and even IT infrastrusture has been transformed into an anime character for advertising purposes, breathing new life into products with a dash of personification to increase their individual appeal.

Now it’s time for one of the world’s most popular beauty products to get anthropomorphised, with The Body Shop transforming their Sumptuous Cleansing Butter into three new ikemen (handsome) wizard characters. The wizards, which will be appearing on promotional materials in stores around the country from 22 October, each represent a main ingredient in the cream, and have distinct looks, personalities, and voices, which will be voiced by a trio of well-known Japanese voice actors.

▼ The Body Shop has created a campaign based around the theme of Three Wizards and The Moisture Princess.

The new campaign includes a magical transformation story to transport customers away to the new anime world of moisturised skin. Those who seek moisture in the “Sumptuous Forest” are said to become “enchanting moisture princesses” with the help of three handsome wizards who “heal your precious skin and mind, delivering happiness”.

▼ Chamomile Kaoru has a beautiful yellow-gold colour palette, shown not only in his glistening attire but in his hair and eyes as well.

▼ Chamomile is voiced by 31-year-old Takuya Eguchi, an award-winning voice actor and singer.

Chamomile Kaoru is said to be responsible for the sweet scent of chamomile, and acts like an English gentleman, who’s cool at first glance but actually really friendly once you get to know him.

▼ Olive Jun looks resplendent in luscious dark green tones, with his long hair tied to one side with a cluster of olives.

▼ Olive is voiced by 27-year-old Natsuki Hanae, whose CV includes roles in popular anime like One Piece and Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card.

Olive Jun is said to be responsible for smooth moisture, with the use of olive oil, and appears in the style of an Italian man, with a sociable personality and irresistible sex appeal.

Shea Hisoka is a gorgeous shade of pink, drawing us towards him with his playful wink and twinkling ruby eye.

Shea is voiced by 31-year-old Japanese singer, songwriter, and musical actor, Aoi Shota, who was previously known as Showta before making his voice acting debut in 2011.

Shea Hisoka is responsible for the melting softness of shea butter, which provides intense moisturising. Petite and charming, this character knows how to appeal to everyone.

The Sumptuous Cleansing Butter was first released in 2016 and is one of The Body Shop’s longest-selling items. Containing fresh chamomile extract from Norfolk, England, the butter also includes olive extracts and Ghanaian shea butter, to create a luxurious, vegan-friendy cream that melts at body temperature. Each 90-gram tub retails for 2,376 yen (US$21.12).

Customers who purchase a tub during the campaign period, which runs from 22 Oct-20 April, will receive one of 24 coasters featuring different handsome wizard designs.

There’ll also be a special campaign site set up during the promotional period, where customers who receive a coaster can sign in to listen to greetings and phrases spoken by the dreamy characters.  It’s a unique step for The Body Shop, and considering the number of beauty products they have in their lineup, here’s hoping this is just the first of many good-looking anthropomorphised creations!

Source, images: PR Times