Unique notebooks promise to motivate and/or distract you during tough study sessions and boring business meetings.

In this modern, technologically advanced age, it says a lot about a person when he or she takes out a paper notebook to write something down by hand. Sure, they could store that information on their smartphone with just a few taps and swipes, but taking the time to put pen to paper creates a deeper connection with what they’re writing, and is indicative of a cerebral intellectualism and emotional depth.

Or maybe they’re just using a notebook because the pages come pre-printed with hot anime guys.

Following a successful campaign on Japanese crowdfunding site Makuake, the Ikemen Notebook (ikemen being a Japanese slang word for “handsome man”) is about to go on sale to the general public. Flip open the book, and inside you’ll find what at first seems to be a standard notebook.

Once you get to the bottom portion of the right page, though, there’s an illustration of one of five anime guys waiting to give you a shot of encouragement, some soothing words, or just a little eye candy to keep your energy up and your stress levels down as you power through a professional brainstorming or academic study session.

“Hey,” the ikemen calls out, “there’s nothing wrong with taking notes, but look at me…”

“Oh, you bought a new notebook? I never end up using mine all the way through…Let’s both do our best!”

“You’re still on Page 8? You sure are slow. Is your pen possessed or something?”

The Ikemen Notebook cast consists of five characters, starting with childhood friend Arata Harushima

“Let’s do our best!”

...boyish younger man Rui Hihara

“Your penmanship is really wonderful, senpai.”

…calm-and-collected Gin Shizuki…

“You’re beautiful…”

haughty, half-foreign Leo Rokuonji

▼ “Were you expecting a compliment? How naive.”

…and intellectual student council president Takuto Hotei.

“Your attention span has certifiably improved.”

Each page features a different character, so as long as you can resist the spoiler urge, you can look forward to the suspense of seeing who’s next each time you responsibly finish off a page of notes.

The notebook is available in two styles, each with 30 pages. The 600-yen (US$5.25) B5-size is lined, while the pages of the 580-yen A5-size are blank.

Oh, and if you’re intrigued, but feel a little self-conscious about using the Ikemen Notebook at school or work…

…you’ll be happy to know that the outer cover can be slid off…

…leaving the anime artwork your little secret (or, more accurately, a secret between you and your five ikemen).

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